Monday, June 17, 2013

Summer Bucket List Check In

So I thought it would be fun to check up on our summer bucket list and see what we have accomplished each week. This next week will be quite busy and last week was just really crazy hectic and full of emotions. So here is our bucket list and what we have checked off so far...

- Sneak off to eat breakfast at Dunkin Donuts. ( this one is done !! ) Wahoo! We celebrated National Donut Day by me surprising Boo Bear for breakfast there.

- Hit the beach

- Swimming at Nana's house

- Library reading program

- Make Smores.

- Cookout with friends.

- Earn a free book with Barnes and Noble summer reading program.

- Have a pajama run.

- Shoot fireworks

- Church summer camp   we are doing this one each weekend. They have a fun camp each Sunday ;)

- Explore a new place

- Bubble Paint

Volcanoes on a tray

Make rock candy

-  Shaving Cream Painting

- Visit the aquatic center

Ice cube painting 

- Bowling

- Swimming with friends

So we have a couple things knocked off the list but we have lots of fun to keep up with! The bubble paint was okay for us. Maybe our bubbles weren't quite strong enough or something? Or we didn't have a great wand. Not sure but it wasn't as fun as we thought LOL. That happens sometime though!

Do you have a bucket list? What fun things have you already done?

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