Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Been a while…

Hello there Blogger world! How are you doing today? :) We have been doing pretty good here. Had a great trip to visit my family a week ago. Jack and I got to spend the whole week with them. We also got to see the Blue Angels while we were there! How awesome is that!


I don’t recall ever getting to see them before but they were sure amazing. I watched as planes rose and rose until they were straight up and the engines would cut off! CUT OFF!!! In the mid air… Start to fall and the pilots would take over again. It was truly amazing and took my breath away to watch these super incredible people.

Of course, it was also great to see my family!


Can you tell that is my mom? LOL… We had a great time. I miss my family something terrible but love living in the FLA!

DSCF1193 That is me and my “little” brother. Can you tell? We used to fight like cats and dogs but wouldn’t trade anything in the world for each other now.

So anywho… Can I ask how many moms go thru the dreaded question everyday? What is for dinner?! I have been meditating over that question pretty much all day. I have every intention of making menus and going by them each week. But, even when I make a menu I deviate from it quite frequently. I don’t know why I haven’t gotten the knack yet of doing it the way I see so many other moms doing. I read all these blogs about how they plan and it works out and their groceries are $70.00 for a couple weeks or something. Oh, how I want to learn that. I need help! :) If you have tips out there please do share. I am going to go in search of some new recipes too. I have started following some awesome blogs with new recipes so I am super excited about trying them.

Hope you all have a wonderful day! Hope you have a super wonderful week and hug your family!

Until next time!

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