Tuesday, April 25, 2017

That Same Power...

Okay so I'm going to be raw, open, and honest here. Sometimes I grumble and complain. Mainly to myself and in my prayers. I ask God why things aren't going the way I think they should or what am I doing wrong. Sometimes I just grumble and mumble to myself wondering why I do some of the things I do or what's the point in them at times.

If we're all honest, we all have a tendency to do this. Right? Don't leave me hanging here. Tell me I'm not the only one who wonders what I'm doing wrong or if I made God mad. I know I can't be.

You know how you're kind of wondering if you're on the right path, if you're really called to do what you're doing or if you're just kind of stepping out of the path and something just isn't going right? And then God comes up and reminds you gently (or He sometimes has to smack you in the face with it) that there is something you can change. Something you can do differently. Yeah, this past week has been one of those times.

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that I've been totally frustrated or having a bad week. That's not it at all. There's just this nagging in my mind that makes me sometimes question what I'm doing and if God's really got the right gal, ya know?

Soooooo... onto that whole gentle nudging, reminder, Gibb's slap on the back of the head thing... Sometimes someone around us will share something and it hits home. We think oh, that's really awesome and wow! How did I miss that? Then we go about our week.

Then that same thing comes up again, kind of like God saying, " I don't think you got that the first time, dear".

That happened this week. Our worship leader shared a passage of scripture in Ephesians and talked about how the same power that raised Jesus from the dead lives in us. Of course, that got the new Jeremy Camp song stuck in my head because it says the same thing and it's awesome. I went on about my week.

Then comes Sunday. Pastor was preaching on believing and guess what passage he used as well? You guessed it. Same passage. Same message. That same power that rose Jesus from the dead lives in us.

Let that soak in. When you have the holy spirit living inside of you, that's the same power that caused Jesus to come up out of the grave. Not only just to come out of the grave but to take the keys to death, hell and the grave. It wasn't just a nap people!

Now, think about what other powerful things God has done. Parted the red sea, moved mountains, freed the children of Israel, Lazarus? Came up out of the grave. Calmed the raging seas with just words. Spoke life into existence. That same power? It lives in us.

So now contemplate this aspect. What if we prayed like we really believed that? What power would our prayers have if we honestly, wholeheartedly prayed believing that what we prayed for was going to happen? That people would be healed. That those things we are fighting against were already won with His power. Now I'm not saying go off and pray to win the lotto, because come on. Let's be real here. Not that that couldn't happen but.... (hahahaha)

It just really hit home with me this week. I'm kind of like a child throwing a temper tantrum at times saying, "But God, this and this and this has gone on so what is the deal?". When instead I should be praying believing in that power that and believing that the prayers that are prayed have power. And another thing? How about I pray about the situation instead of grumbling to Him about it? Have I really prayed enough about it? That's another thing that He kind of, gently, had to remind me of. Instead of me saying where is such and such, why not pray for it instead?

How would we pray differently if we kept that thought in our minds? How do you think things would change if Christians started raising up and remembering that power instead of feeling defeated and beat down? This world wants to take that from you. It wants to tell you that you're not good enough, smart enough, that you can't do enough. Don't believe it. Trust that God loves you and has you in the palm of His hand.

So, maybe that's just for me. Maybe it's just me that He's trying to get that message to stop grumbling and start praying with that power that lives inside. Hopefully it's not just me :-).

Friday, April 21, 2017

Wrap-Up for Several Weeks

Things have been wild and crazy here at the Farmwood Academy. (yes, our homeschool has a name) We have been quite busy with a variety of things going on and some have been fun while others, not so much. Here's a look at some of the things we've been into these past few weeks.

Air Show Fun
A couple weeks ago we went to visit my brother and got to see the Thunderbirds in their air show. It was a lovely visit and a great time, although it was short.

We were able to see a ton of neat airplanes including C-30's, some old WW II planes and a wonderful show reenacting Pearl Harbor.

We've been moving right along with our school stuff. We are hoping to finish up by the end of May since Boo Bear has two weeks of theater camp in June and that will take us down for several days. I have always just tried working around the theater camp but this year our goal is to be done. Then maybe start our new school year back in July.

Since the school year is coming to a close, it also means that I'm looking for curriculum for next year. I can't believe my kiddo is about to be a middle schooler. Where does the time go?? I have our math for the next couple of years chosen but we are going to be changing up science this year for sure. I'm also looking for a good interesting history program as well, so if you have any ideas please share them.

Fun Times
We've been doing some fun things here lately as the weather, and time, permits. We got to do our favorite springtime activity of picking blueberries. An added bonus was Mimi and Papa got to go this year with us.

We also went bowling with Daddy, colored and hunted eggs, and had a beautiful Easter with Grandpa.

Trim Mama
So if you've read any of the other posts on here, you know I'm using Trim Healthy Mama. I have a couple of health issues that make it very difficult for weight to come off so it seems impossible sometimes. I have been very frustrated lately because my scale is a big meanie head. It is stuck in a certain spot and it refused to move.

When that happens, I tend to get very downhearted. I eat very well, I mean tasty food. But when you work hard and it doesn't seem to make the scale move, it gets hard to fight through. BUT I have to say that I had an NSV (non-scale victory) this weekend that just made it all worth it. Yes, I have things such as my A1C coming down and feeling better, but we all know we want the scale to show it too. So, my resolution is I'm dropping the scale. It's nothing but a discourager and I don't need that sabotage in my life. :) Anybody with me??

Here's what I'm going to use. I'm going to use photos like this as my inspiration and encouragement.

So, are you trying to make healthy changes in life and have been discouraged? I encourage you to drop the scale and use your NSV's.

So that's what's going on around here. Just keeping on keeping on basically. I hope you had a great week and make sure you stop by Kris's place and see how other homeschool weeks went.

Have a great weekend ahead and see you around!!

Friday, March 31, 2017

Giveaway Alert!!!! The New Smurf's Movie is Coming! (Sponsored Post)

So here in our house we love going to the movies. It's a special treat for the whole family to enjoy. We love grabbing some popcorn and heading into the theater to enjoy the excitement of our favorite characters on the big screen.

One new movie we are looking forward to coming out on April 7th is the new Smurfs The Lost Village Movie!

I remember watching these guys as a kid and it's one that my son has grown to love as well. We have watched the other two Smurfs movies that have come out and are super excited to see this one in theaters soon! I've always enjoyed these little blue guys, and gal, and have fond memories of them outsmarting Gargamel every time. Now my kiddo has fallen in love with them as well and has been begging me to take him to see the new movie. Have you seen the trailer yet? If not, take a look below at the official trailer for the new film debuting on the big screen near you April 7th:

There's also a great family-friendly website for all the Smurfs lovers to check out as well. You can go there by clicking here and find lots of fun items such as:
  • Coloring and activity pages for your kiddos
  • Content that you can download
  • A family discussion guide for after you watch the movie
  • And so much more!
You can print out coloring pages for you and your little ones to work on before heading off to the theaters. You can also meet the characters of the upcoming film, check out the Smurfs social media pages, and get updates for all your favorite blue adventures.

And now for the best news yet!! Sony Pictures is offering 2 free tickets to one of my readers! Is that you? Be sure to enter the contest below to see if you win! (The tickets are 2 Fandago codes to get your tickets to see the Smurfs movie).

So check out the entry opportunities below and share this post with others who you think it might benefit. Best of luck to you and thanks for stopping by!!!

**This post was sponsored by Lev3L Marketing and Sony Pictures. I was given free tickets to give away to my readers and for my family. Thanks for reading, sharing and entering. **

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Introducing My Best Friend!

I have to share something with you today. I want to introduce to a best friend of mine. We've been together for quite sometime now and I think a proper introduction is needed. Introducing... my Crock-Pot.

Yes, the my Crock-Pot is one of my closest friends when it comes to cooking in my kitchen. Now don't get me wrong. I LOVE to cook. I enjoy finding new recipes and experimenting, I mean offering/trying them out, on my family.

Let's face it. We all have busy, crazy days where we just want dinner to welcome us when we get home. We just want to walk in at dinner time and everything be ready to place on the table, eat, and clean up. That's it.

It doesn't always happen that way but when I use my good ol' buddy, it does. I can simply grab the ingredients I need, toss them in, and go! Dinners ready in a few hours and no worries on my part. Unless I forget to turn the pot on and then... well... it's not a pretty way to end the day.

So, grab your coffee, or tea, and go with me on the journey of why I love my Crock-Pot.

A dependable tool
With the exception of forgetting to plug it in or turn it on, this pot is the most dependable tool I have for cooking a delicious meal on time. It takes the hassle out of standing at the stove, waiting for things to happen. This can be doing the work for me when I'm doing other things around the house like working at my job, cleaning the kitchen itself, or homeschooling my kiddo.

A forgiving tool
Although I try my hardest, sometimes I mess up things and they don't always taste the greatest. The Crock-Pot itself is a very forgiving way to cook a meal. It is welcoming to all your ingredients and cooks them thoroughly for you so there's no hard feelings ;-)

A time saver
Goodness me, I can't tell you how much this has saved me over the years. I've had a variety of Crock-Pots in our married life together and each one has been a huge time saver for me. When I have an especially busy day it's there, cooking dinner for me, so I can offer a delicious healthy meal to my family at the end of the day.

A money saver
Yep! You read that right. It has saved us money in a variety of ways. I can throw dinner in the pot before leaving for the and it stops the, can we just get dinner out, mentality. There's no need to run for take-out when dinner is waiting at home. It helps us to eat healthier too as I know exactly what went into that pot. Sometimes the restaurant meals you're playing guess that ingredient. Not with the CP!

Always Ready When We Are
Another great benefit to these amazing pots is that when we need dinner to be ready, it is. Sometimes we never know what time dinner will be due to work schedules, extracurricular activities, etc. This way we know that dinner can be ready whenever we need it to be. I love the warming feature as well since it's able to just keep it warm if we have to eat at different times from each other.

No this is not a review. No I'm not getting paid to say any of this. (course if Crock-Pot wants to pay me I'll GLADLY write a different review :) LOL)

I just want to encourage you whether you're single, newly married, have a bunch of kids or no kids, your Crock-Pot is your best friend. There's a ton of different amazing recipes out there to fill your pot with love and deliciousness.

Right now I've got chili going for our dinner tonight since the temperatures have dropped here. I'd love to hear what your favorite go-to CP meal is. I'd also love to hear why you love your crock-pot!  Share them in the comments below and happy crocking!!!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Thankful Thursday

820. I'm thankful that no matter what, my blog is here for me to share feelings, thoughts, and vents sometimes.

821. I'm thankful I've developed a (obsession) love for sautéed spinach. It is soooo yummy and I am eating almost everyday.

822. I'm thankful for my job. I'm thankful that it allows me freedom to do things with my family while still supporting my family.

823. I'm thankful to be able to see family often.

824. I'm thankful for an amazing relationship between my hubby and kiddo. They amaze me everyday and I see such a wonderful friendship/relationship blooming between them. Yes, we still have to be mom and dad. However, precious memories are being made that will last a lifetime.

 825. I'm thankful for new experiences that have been fun and exciting. Tractor pulling is our new "thing" and it's really a fun event. If you've never been to one, find one near you and check it out!

826. I'm thankful for God's grace.

827. I'm thankful for this amazing girl. She's a blessing and yes I've been thankful for her before. But when you need some cuddle time and she jumps up and just snuggles, it deserves more gratefulness.

828. I'm thankful that the springtime is here. It's a beautiful time with great temperatures that we can enjoy being outside. You know before the death heat of summer hits in a couple weeks.

829. I'm thankful for those who stop by and read my blog. I never imagined I'd have anything to say much but I've been blessed to be blogging for several years now. People actually come by and read on occasion. (not just my Mom :)) I'm thankful for this platform to share thoughts, experiences, and words of encouragement that God places on my heart. I'm hoping that this year will be a year of more blogging than ever and can't wait to see what God has in store!

What are you thankful for this week? How have you been blessed? Share in the comments below!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Wordless (sort of) Wednesday

So, if I try to make a wordless Wednesday post, it drives me to take photos. I have seriously been slacking lately on grabbing shots. Maybe that means I'm living in the moment instead of outside of it? I don't know. Either way I'm going to shoot for Wordless Wednesday to make sure I'm not only living in the moment but capturing awesome moments as well. :) So, here we go!

A couple reasons I love living where we do....

Sights like these in our neighborhood

 Mr. (or Mrs.) Bald Eagle just hanging out eating some lunch.

The water. I love the water in all forms but especially when it's crystal clear....

This girl is amazing. She's a lover, protector, and cuddler of people...

Some yummy THM E-breakfast going on this week....

So that's a look at some of our week. How's your week going so far? Have a great Wednesday and thanks for stopping by!

Monday, March 6, 2017

An Honest Look at Diabetes With Me...

I hate diabetes. I said it. It's out in the open now. I have been living with this diagnosis for the past 14 years and when I say it is a day-to-day struggle, that's exactly what I mean. It is an everyday struggle for balance. I'm going to be open and honest in this post.

14 years ago right before I was to say I do, I was diagnosed. I had been eating healthier, lost a ton of weight and was doing what I thought I was supposed to do. Then came that day in October when the doctor looked at me and said, "you have it". She didn't want to give me that diagnosis but she had to. From that day forward, my life changed forever. I started testing my sugar multiple times a day, went on medications, and then went on to get married the next month. 

When you find out you're a diabetic your whole world rocks. You immediately start worrying about your eyes, your heart, your kidneys, what will you eat, how can you enjoy life when this diagnosis is hanging over your head. I can't imagine getting this diagnosis as a parent for your child. I can't imagine what a child would go through as they have severe consequences even more on top of what I was now having to learn about. 

The Harsh Truth From a Diabetic
Okay so I'm going to be a little blunt and honest here. I'm not writing this because of the need for sympathy. I don't want you to feel sorry for me. I want to help others understand a little bit about this so that maybe you can understand why someone you care about struggles. Keeping your sugar in balance is an everyday uphill battle. It's not easy. It's not something that can be fixed just by eating right for everyone. It's not something where taking a pill can help fix everything that ails you, in most cases. And in some cases you have to worry about what the pill you're taking is doing other than helping your sugar levels.

So here's some crazy, honest, "why I can't stand diabetes" facts from a diabetic: {please don't think less of me when you're done here ;-)}

  • Some days my stomach looks like I've been sucker punched. Three shots a day for the past 10+ years does that. Sometimes I hit vessels and it is an immediate bruise. Other times I go to give myself a shot and notice a huge bruise from the last one.
  • My fingertips get really, REALLY sore sometimes. Which is really fun when your job is typing on the computer and you LOVE to play the piano. It stinks.
  • My fingertips also look like they are dirty at times because of all the tiny little pinprick bruise/spots.
  • Some times I eat a salad and my sugar skyrockets with no apparent reason. I can sometimes eat everything I "should" eat and deal with high numbers. There is no rhyme or reason. Others can eat some things I can't and never have a problem. I can eat things that others can't and don't have issues. It's not a one-size-fits all plan.
  • If I don't sleep well, guess what? My sugar goes up
  • If I'm stressed, angry, sad, sugar is crazy
  • Sometimes it doesn't matter what I eat, I can go from a high sugar to bottoming out and have to find food... fast.
  • Some days I wish I could stop having to care what I eat
  • I've had to apologize to my son about being snippy or short fused because, you guessed it, my sugar was high or low. It effects your emotions as well. I can become very irritable and downright hate being around myself, all because of the blood glucose levels at the time.
  • I'm afraid of getting Alzheimer's. Did you know that diabetes is connected and they think that Alzheimer's is now Type 3 diabetes? Every time I forget something, can't remember a word, or blank on what I'm trying to say that concern is ever present.
  • I get tired of pricking my finger multiple times a day.
  • I get frustrated and tired of planning to get eat somewhere and worrying if there will be something I can eat that won't mess up my sugar too bad. When friends want to eat out, I have to mentally think about what I can eat there. Sometimes I hate salads. I've always loved them but after so many... they get old.
  • I get frustrated when people tell you that if you just lost some weight it would help. Yes people have told me that. When I was first diagnosed, I was thin. I was at a good weight and then diabetes was in the picture. Let me explain something to you. Before you say that, please think about this. When a person takes insulin it causes them to hold onto fat. Which makes it really difficult to lose. The more weight that someone carries, the more insulin they may need to take care of their sugar levels which in turns, causes them to gain. Add on top of that a thyroid condition and you have something that is a never ending fight to lose an inch or a pound.
  • Every single diabetic is different.
  • Sugar is not the only culprit to a diabetic. Potatoes, bread, pasta, rice, carbs in general turn into sugar. So it could have 0 sugar and still cause a diabetic to have a bad reaction.
  • This is an every day fight. This is not something that I'll ever get rid of. Even if in a perfect world I could eventually come off meds, it's always there. It's always lurking...
  • Some days are better than others. Some days it's just another thing I deal with. Other days it gets to be too much and I want to break.
  • God is bigger than any of this and that's why I can keep moving forward. When my days get rough or I feel like I am about to break from the weight of this whole situation, God is still holding me up. Wipes away the tears and the frustrations and says keep moving.
Like I mentioned, I'm not saying this for pity, sympathy or anything else. I just wanted to share a glimpse into what this disease is like. What a diabetic that is trying desperately to fight, live a life, and take care of their family goes through. What someone who knows what this disease can do and wants to avoid is dealing with. Type 1, Type 1.5, Type 2... no matter the name, diabetes is a never ending, lifelong fight. If you know someone living with this, please pray for them, encourage them, listen to them cry and fuss for a bit knowing that they need your shoulder right then. Then help them pick up the pieces and walk forward.

Thanks for listening to me whining and venting. Be Blessed this week!