Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving Thankful Thursday!

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you have a blessed and wonderful day and that you stop to remember all that you have to be thankful for.

Here's our journey to 1000 gifts!

81. Time with family.

82. New adventures with our son. Taking him places we went when we first got married.

83. Lunch with my brother.

84. Working while on vacation. Because I can take it with me and I can still earn while I'm away from home. It's such a blessing.

85. The comfortable bed we were in after the not so comfortable one at the beginning of the week.

86. For another year gone by. That I'm still here and my family is too.

87. My son made it to Thanksgiving without getting sick. If you knew his history at all, this is quite a blessing!

88. Great friends that are like family to us.

89. A church that we can call home.

90. That the weather is much more enjoyable this year than last year.

91. Shopping date with my honey

92. My honey. We have been married 11 years now and each day is better and better.

93. My mama's dressing I get today.

94. Trying a new gluten free recipe and it actually working out

95. The quiet of the morning where it's just God, me and my coffee.

96. Remembering times as a child as we go through Christmas decorations

97. Telling those times to my son

98. Peppermint mocha creamer in my coffee. Tastes like Christmas to me

99. Christmas carols

100. The opportunity to be a Mama to this crazy wild boy who never ceases to amaze me.

So what are you thankful for this week? Happy Thanksgiving and be blessed!!!

Friday, November 21, 2014

We Choose Virtues Review

My parents always told me that "actions speak louder than words". Boy did I really understand that when my son was born. Don't get me wrong... I knew it before but it really sets in when you are trying to teach your children lessons or they get upset and won't talk. Your actions will get to someone before your words do.

Recently I was given the opportunity to work with Heather at We Choose Virtues.  Heather sent the NIrV Parenting Cards for us to use. These cards are the homeschool version of their Teacher cards you could use in the classroom. These cards help to instill important characteristics that will go throughout your child's lifetime with them.

In just ten minutes a day, you can help your children learn important skills and life lessons on how to be helpful, attentive, gentle and kind. There are 12 virtues that you work on together. Choose one each week and just work on the virtue for a few minutes each day. 

We would color the page that goes with our virtue and study the steps on the back. The back of the parent card offers you ideas and tips to get your kids working through the lesson and learn how to be helpful, kind or gentle. It gives you scenarios to help them put into practice what they are learning. We enjoy this time of working together and I love seeing the lessons come out in everyday life. He enjoys what he thinks is a break from regular schooling. Little does he know he's learning life lessons that will go with him forever. You can go through the set and then come back and go through them again, getting deeper each time. 

Each virtue has a "virtue kid" attached to the card. It helps them learn real life situations and how they can put that virtue to use. 

Heather offers a variety of other products and kits to help you implement this teaching in your home. You check out her shop and see what other awesome products you can purchase to keep these virtues and lessons prominent in your home. 

Heather has given me an awesome deal to share with you on this review. If you have been thinking of checking out the parent cards or anything else in her line of products, I have awesome news!! 

She has shared two promo codes with me that are for you to use on your purchases. First you can use the code VIRTUE15 for 15% off any purchase in the store. 

If you're a black Friday or Cyber Monday shopper, there's another code for you! Use the code HOLIDAY30 for 30% off your purchase! 

It's definitely worth your time to check out the site and learn how you can teach your children virtues that go with them. Teach them these character traits so their actions can speak for them in a positive and uplifting way. 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thankful Thursday

It's that time again. I kind of a throwback Thursday photo and a thankful Thursday post going all at the same time here. Sip on your favorite cup of coffee/tea and let's remember what we have to be thankful for today!

71. Friends coming over for a big ole pot of homemade chicken noodle soup on cold days.

72. Cold days in Florida. Yes they do happen. Yes we do get below freezing.

73. Science classes for my kiddo. He's super excited about them each week

74. The flexibility of homeschooling. If I've counted it before, I'm just doubly thankful.

75. Time with family.

76. My husband. We will be celebrating our anniversary soon and I'm thankful for him more and more everyday.

77. My morning devotional that just absolutely knows what I'm needing.

78. Christmas Carols with my kiddo. Singing at the top of our lungs even if we are not to Thanksgiving yet.

79. Peppermint mocha coffee. What is it about Christmas time and the winter that makes peppermint perfect?

80. A job that I can take with me and flexes with my schedule.

I'm counting on to 1000 gifts. So what are you thankful for this week?

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Advanced Probiotic

I've already shared with you before how a probiotic can assist you in keeping you in top condition. It helps balance out your gut and that's where most of your immune system is housed. I've tried a few products before but the recent review I did for Hyperbiotics Advanced Strength Probiotic was a winner. 

Purchase on Amazon 

I loved everything about this product. I could certainly tell a difference in the way my gut feels. You know those days where you just don't feel your best. This one helped out. I could tell my system was balanced and regular. 

This pill is not a capsule and because of that it helps to get it in your system easier and faster. It is not too large and is easy to swallow. Some of the basics for this supplement include:
  • Helps with sensitive stomach
  • Easier to absorb
  • Helps your mood improve
  • May improve metabolism
Of the ones I have reviewed before, this one is definitely my favorite so far. 

Did you know they produce a child's probiotic too? My son tried it out. 

Purchase on Amazon 

This has a nice Tangy Citrus flavor. It is better absorbed when swallowed but can be chewed for those children who do not have the hang of swallowing pills yet. It helps them to keep balanced as well and with the cold and flu season upon us, you may want this in your arsenal of preventative care. This product contains no sugar and is also lactose free for those with sensitive bellies.

This is also great to have when your child has been on an antibiotic. It helps re-balance their systems and get them back in tip top shape in no time. 

I would highly recommend you checking these out on Amazon. The children's product runs for around $20 and the adult version is $31. Don't just take my word for it. Give it a try and see if you don't feel better balanced and prepared for the craziness of the seasons ahead. 

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Thankful Thursday - Just Keep Counting...

61. Our thanksgiving party with our homeschool group this week. It's such a blessing to get together and celebrate with an awesome group of families.

62. Laughter through school. Just busting out in silly giggles for no apparent reason and laughing till you can't breathe.

63. Daily phone calls with family.

64. Ham and cheese omelets. Sometimes they just hit the spot when nothing else does.

65. Lunch with friends at the park.

66. Science classes for Boo Bear. He loves them and I love the friendships he makes and the time for me to make some too.

67. The freedom that homeschool brings.

68. Singing Christmas Carols at the top of our lungs in the car. WAYYY before Christmas is here.

69. Hot chocolate.

70. My warm fleece blanket in the early morning hours.

So what are you thankful this week? Share it with me!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Jesus Calling 365 Devotions for Kids Review

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I love starting my day off with a devotional and quiet time. Being a homeschool, WAHM, wife, Mom etc... I need that quiet time and talk with God. I need that connection and peace that only He brings and we need to talk about some things. I use that time to pray, read my devotional and my bible. And to listen. You have to be sure to listen. That's what Sarah Young brings in her line of devotionals called Jesus Calling.

I love the Jesus Calling devotional book I received from the Womens Ministry at my church. It speaks directly to your heart with each day and somehow... the devotional lines up with what is going on in my life. It's a great devotional and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Sarah has taken her years of missionary work and poured them into these series of books that offers a way for us to hear what God would say to us. 

Recently we got the opportunity to check out the Jesus Calling for Kids devotional as a review from Family Christian Supply. I'm in love and so is my son! 

This amazing book goes right along with what my daily devotional is. It helps us to dig deeper in the Word together and gets that ever important routine of Bible study during the day in him. Each day has a devotional where it is God talking to your child. There are scripture verses that line up with the theme or discussion for the day for them to dig deeper.

This book is written in language that is easy to connect with your child or tween age children. They can understand it and connect with Jesus in their own way. It helps to put their challenges of life in a perspective to see where Jesus is always there and can help them get through. The book is suggested for 8 years old and up. My son is 8 and he really enjoys it so far. We start our homeschool day with going over this devotional, he researches the verses then spends some quiet time reading his bible. It's a great way for us both to start the day on a wonderful note.

There's a great line of Jesus Calling series available and there's also AWESOME NEWS!!! Starting on November 14th, a huge sale is taking place. It's just in time for your holiday shopping!!! All the books in the series will be 50% off!! These make wonderful gifts for all the special people in your life.

Jesus Calling Devotionals

And there's more awesome news for you! Are you on Twitter? If you're not you should be because there's a party going on! On November 14th from 1-2 pm EST, there's a Twitter party you don't want to miss. Follow the hashtag #JesusCalling to learn about this great series. But what's a party without prizes right? Well, there's going to be 5 participants who win the Jesus Calling 10th Anniversary Edition AND a $50 Appreciation Certificate to Family Christian. 5 other participants will win a $50 Appreciation Certificate to go shopping. That's 10 winners !!! 

Friday, November 7, 2014

Weekly Wrap-up : Fun Times

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Linking up today with Homegrown Learners, Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers and Our 4 Kiddos.

Wahoo! It's Friday!!! That makes me super excited. It has seemed to be a long week but now we are close to the end. It also blows my mind that this is November. What happened to July???

We had a lot of fun spread out over this past week. We enjoyed last Friday night trick or treating in our new city. The small town atmosphere always amazes me here as I  have missed it so. We walked the city street and saw lots of cool costumes and had dinner at one of our new favorite places. It was a nice slow evening and only a few miles from home. No driving around to find safe places like normal.

We also found an awesome site last week thanks to Mary at Homegrown Learners and Melissa at The Joys of Home Educating.  If you have a little artist on hand or one that wants to be one, Art Hub For Kids is awesome!!!! Here's Boo Bears first lesson with the site. He had a blast and went on to do several more.

This week we did a variety of activities. We worked on our school work and completed lessons in various subjects. I'm still learning that even if we aren't sitting at a desk doing bookwork, we are still learning with hands-on activities. So I try to relax and let those hands on activities come and go a lot. That helps us break up our week and helps Mama to realize learning is not all about books and worksheets.

So we did a science experiment. If you haven't tried this one, you should. It's called walking water.

And it's a blast watching this work. It's just super cool and I love how it helps with colors and science and leads to asking lots of questions that we have to look up.

We went and voted. I take him with me because I want him to understand the importance of voting and the value of the lives that were given to give us the freedom to do that.

I took him to get his BookIt reward this week too. He was super excited to go and eat his favorite pizza and know it was because of his reading. He met his goal and we are already working on this months goal. Does he look excited to you?

We are looking forward to a quiet weekend at home this week. What about you?

I do have a question. I am looking for online games or tablet apps that he can play to help with math and history mainly. What are some of your favorite educational apps that you know of ? Share away and I hope you have an awesome weekend!