Tuesday, August 26, 2014

6 Essentials For Our Homeschool

It's back to school season and I thought it was a good time to share a few things that are essential to our homeschool. Right now a lot of Mama's may be making the decision to homeschool or you have already made it and aren't sure what you got yourself into. This is for you. :-)

Prayer, Bible, My Faith

That's really more than one item but it is all in the same. I couldn't get through this without my God by my side. I have to have my devotionals each day to give me strength, patience, love and kindness to deal with the tough days. On those days when I go hide myself in the bathroom and cry because it's been ,"one of those days", I can go pray and feel so much better. We do devotionals together and talk about how God wants us to act and how we can do better, ( yes, we). Let's face it, sometimes us Mama's need an attitude adjustment too.

Field Trips

These are a must! It's hard sometimes to figure out how to balance it all, so start small. Take a field trip to a local park site. Take a field trip once a week or a month, whichever fits your schedule. But take field trips. Learning happens outside of a text book. Visit a science museum. Take a trip to the nearest hiking trail for a nature trip. Visit the library. The choices are endless.

Our Library and Good Books

Finding what your child loves to read is the key to opening up their love of reading. Boy have we struggled with this. Or should we say I have struggled. I  have tried giving him all sorts of books I thought he would like. When I let him find what he liked, boy did it change everything! :) The library is a must have essential for all homeschoolers. You can find curriculum there, supplements to what you're studying and so much more. And if you're lucky, you get amazing librarians that work wonders with your children.

Our Homeschool Group

I can't tell you how many times we are having a rough day, visit with our group and all roughness is gone. :) It's a blessing to have homeschool mama's that totally understand what is going on with you and your family because they've been there, done that and got the t-shirt. I can't stress enough the importance of your homeschool group community. If you don't have one, find one that fits your family. Those days can make the rest of your homeschool year so much easier.

Your own setup

What works for some doesn't work for you. What works for your family, may not work for others. That's great! Homeschool is full of freedom and flexibility to help your child get the best education they can. Find out a setup that works for you whether it's school on the road, school at the kitchen table or one of those amazing school rooms you see. Your school is whatever you make it. Be encouraged that many homeschoolers go through their entire school career right at their kitchen table or even in their backyard swing.

Break Times

It's okay to take a break. It's okay if your lesson plans don't go by the book every day. Sickness will happen. Emergencies do happen. Plain old, I don't feel like doing this today, will happen. It's okay. Give yourself grace and mercy just as you do your child. School will get done. Maybe it doesn't get done till the afternoon instead of first thing in the morning. It's ok!!!

What essentials do you need to make your homeschool run smoothly? What helps you get through the day? Share your thoughts and encouragement!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Garcinia Cambogia Review

Purchase from Amazon.
 If you're like me you have heard a lot of talk about this particular supplement in the weight loss circles. This Garcinia Cambogia formula is the highest potency you can buy on Amazon right now. And today it's on sale!! You can purchase this product on Amazon right now for a little over $25.00.

We tried it out here to see how it works. We haven't been on it long but here are the results. I have lost a couple pounds in the past few weeks. I have also adapted my lifetyle to eating Paleo again. Can I say that this pill helped? I'm not sure but I haven't seen any side effects of it. 

I can share with you that the pills are a little scary to look at first but they go down really easy. You take two pills twice a day. Take them about 20 minutes or so before eating with a full glass of water. The pills are to help with metabolism support, weight loss and suppressing your appetite.

I am always an advocate for doing your research. Search out the possible side effects and interactions with medications it could have. I always say talk to your doctor first before taking supplements. :) Better safe than sorry!

 As far as our review, we will keep on trying it and see how it goes. Many people have had great success with adding this natural supplement to their regimen. It is not a miracle pill and you still have to live a healthy lifestyle.

Check out the information and see how it might work for you. Click here to see more information. 

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Big Easy Brands Infuser Water Bottle Review

**I received this water bottle for free in return for my honest opinion in this review. All opinions are mine. **

Photo Credit:
Big Easy Brands
I have wanted to try infused water bottles for quite sometime, so I was super excited to get this opportunity. I have always disliked drinking plain water. My parents couldn't even get me to drink it when I was a baby. I only like plain water in certain, extremely hot outside, occassions. :-)

This water bottle is by Big Easy Brands and offers me a way to naturally flavor my water. While I do drink lots of water with things like True Lemon or Crystal Light, I love the fact that this is nothing but water and fruit. It's simple and healthy and refreshing.

The bottles run for $10.97 on Amazon Prime right now. It's a nice sturdy bottle and is easy to fill and go.

I put frozen strawberries in mine and I also tried frozen peaches. The strawberries were by far my favorite one. I used a little bit of Stevia to give it a hint of sweetness and then guzzled it down!

The strawberries were frozen when I put them in and I just filled it with water and let it sit overnight. You don't have to do that but it gives it a stronger flavor the longer it sits.

It is easy to put your fruit in and forget it. This is what the lid and infuser look like.

Photo Credit:
Big Easy Brands

My son and I both enjoyed using this and are exploring more flavor infused waters. If you are interested in this fabulous bottle, check it out and buy it from Amazon here. The company was amazing to work with and were very helpful throughout the entire review process. Any question I had was responded to in a timely manner and made it easy to work with the products. They are easy to take with you and fit great in your cup holder in the car. That's a huge plus for me as we do lots of traveling with our homeschooling. It's easy for me to fill it up and grab it as we run out the door on a field trip.

I enjoyed working with this bottle and use it almost every day. Be sure to check it out and let me know what you think!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Week In Review: Let The Field Trips Begin!!

This week has seen two field trips in one week! Two! But you know I wouldn't change it for anything. We live for this kind of stuff. (Now we just have to get book work caught up).We started school a few weeks ago just for this very thing. Since we have gotten a jump on things, I don't mind the field trips and things that are now gearing up.

Monday we had a Not Back To School get together. This is always fun and was more spontaneous for us than anything. I just got up and said yep, let's go. :)

Love that our kids spent the day here...

We had an exciting field trip to our science and industry museum a couple hours south of us. We had the honor of having Nana and Great Grandma with us too! I love these days because it helps the grandparents get involved with schooling too. My parents always end up with us somewhere doing something as well. It helps me feel like they are a part and I know it does them too :)

This shot just blew my mind away. I knew we had one from a couple years ago but this one just really puts it in perspective of how much he has grown. Remember, in the first picture she is squatted ;).

We had a blast learning about 3D printers. Did you guys know how amazing those things are?!? They can do pretty much anything you want it to and then some. Some of the creations they had were just out of this world!

We also had fun with Boo Bear trying to get through the body tube challenges they had. He had to basically belly crawl through them and figure out how to maneuver to get through them.

We did get some work done this week :). We are moving right along with all our subjects. We really are enjoying the ease of use and shorter lessons on our grammar/writing/spelling curriculums. We also got a new desk set up that I'm super excited about! Here's a sneak peek at it and you can check out the post by clicking here.

I discovered a new book series that my DS loves. He read the first book in two days. Granted there are lots of pictures but it is a chapter book that drew him in. Whatever it takes to help him develop that love of reading ;). I just love the fact he is reading. Then he tried another book out that we picked up and enjoys it too. Here he is reading to our sweet pup about a dog detective...

We also are moving along in our math and science. He is loving the animal science and I'm loving the lapbook instead of the notebook for right now. He is learning a lot and having a fun time doing it.

We also started Cub Scouts back this week. We are about to add Science classes once a week in a few weeks. Whew! With all these new things starting up, it's going to be an exciting, fun and crazy year I think! What about you ? What were you guys up to this week? Don't forget to check out other posts or link yours up below!

Weekly Wrap-Up

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Our New School Set Up...

We have been homeschooling for awhile. Originally we had a room where we could close the door and pretend school stuff was hidden. Now it was great until we had guests come in from out of town. Then I had to make a mad dash to make it not so much a homeschool room but more of a guest room. Now we have moved and I love our open floor plan. One of the things we wanted was a separate homeschool from guest room set up. That is what we got!

Now I have the glorious separation BUT I don't have a door to hide our school room area. I love our new set up but I have been long wanting a new desk area for Boo Bear and I to work together with. He's past the time where I could basically sit beside him and tell him a few things then let him work. Now there's more teaching involved and I would rather sit across from him.

For the first few weeks of school I have been standing across from him at our kitchen bar. While this is fine, it does make for tired feet after standing the whole school time. When he's working on an assignment he'd prefer me stay in the same room. So I have been dreaming up a desk that I could work with him and still be in the same room with him, but get to the computer should I need to.

Thankfully my sweet hubby took us to IKEA yesterday after our field trip. And we got our desk setup!! I can't wait to get started today!

If you haven't been to IKEA you simply must find one near you! This store is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I always see homeschooler ideas out there and it inspired our set up. Here it is!

Each of the drawers are labeled with what subject goes into it. He has one for his supplies and there are some left over for extra work. These will be used for items like Cub Scout work and other arts ideas we come up with.

I really like this one because it is moveable so we can adjust it if we have company coming over. It's great for me to sit across from him and we are super excited to try it out! Let's see how it goes!

So what does your school set up look like? Do you school everywhere or do you have a specific place to do your daily work?

Three Cross Layered Bamboo Cutting Boards

Recently I was given the chance to review the Three Cross Layered Bamboo Cutting Board Set. This amazing cutting board product comes with three different sizes to fit any kitchen needs you might have. There is a smaller one for items like veggies or making sandwiches. A medium and larger size help you to tackle those bigger jobs such as a variety of veggies, potatoes etc all at one time.

These eco-friendly boards use a layered system to help make them stronger and more sturdy. The two outer layers are supported by an inner layer that is put in horizontally to add extra support.

 It comes in a nicely packed package that gives you instructions on care and tips to keep your Bamboo boards looking great and being strong for a while.

These boards are easily cleaned with soap and warm water. Let them air dry and they are ready to go! These boards are also natural and are 100% antimicrobial. One feature I like? They do not dull your knives! A lot of time the boards can make your knife dull and that's one thing you don't have to worry about with these boards. Here's a shot of the smallest board you receive in the package.

I highly recommend these if you need a handy cutting board that you don't have to worry about around the house. Check these out and purchase them on Amazon here. The entire set runs for less than $20 right now. Go check it out and see how you like these awesome cutting boards!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Kitcheneeze Review

Anybody who knows me knows I love to cook. I love using all types of kitchen tools, new recipes, learning new ways of doing things. That's me. So when the opportunity to review Kitcheneeze products came up, I was ecstatic!

I worked with Caroline and it was a great experience. I told her some of the items I liked the looks of and she quickly sent off a package of items for me to try out. 

This was a great variety of items to sample from the huge selection that is available. Kitcheneeze offers items for dips, seasoning mixes, gluten free items and baking kits. You can season up your life with a simple package and create all new dinner items for your entire family. There are even kitchen tools to make sure your kitchen runs smoothly.

We used the Italian Garden vegetable dip mix, the Creamy Strawberry Fruit Dip mix and the Illinois Chicago Style seasoning mix for our roast. First we tried the veggie dip.  

Make sure you go on over to WAHMReviews to see how the rest of the review went!!!