Thursday, November 21, 2019

Thankful Thursday

920. I'm very thankful for an amazing group of students I get to hang out with every single week. They push me to be on my toes, to laugh, and to enjoy life.

921. I'm thankful for my husband. This week we will celebrate 16 years of marriage. God has blessed us with an amazing life together and I can't wait to see what our future holds.

922. I'm thankful that he loves my team too. Course, when you marry a girl from Bama, you don't really have a choice. Or, at least, that is what he's said.

923. I'm thankful for the cooler weather we have been having. Finally feels like the holiday season here in the south.

924. I'm thankful for friends God has placed in my life. Those who never cease to push me to get past myself. Those who do not let me tap out but continue to encourage, correct, and sharpen me.

925. I'm thankful for shopping days with the fams

926. I'm thankful for homeschooling. It is tough, but it is so worth it.

927. I'm thankful for the amazing growth in our youth ministry. This is truly God at work and I get a front row view of it every day.

928. I'm thankful for peppermint mocha coffee

929. I'm thankful for exciting adventures and God experiences this week as we head to our annual youth conference.

What are you thankful for today?

Amber Vale Holiday Home Sampler Review and GIVEAWY!

**I received the candle sampler free in return for my review of the product. All of the thoughts posted are mine**

 If you've been in my home at all, you know I love all the things that make your home smell amazing. Whether it is the citrusy type scents in the summer or the warm peppermint, cranberry type in the winter, candles are a part of our daily lives here.

I was super excited when I received the Amber Vale Home Holiday Sampler set to review and share with you all today. The three 4 oz. unique scents are just exactly what you'd think of when you think of the holiday season. These beautiful candles are a great accent to any room during Thanksgiving, Christmas or any time around the holidays. They spark memories of holidays gone by while you're enjoying the season with friends and family,

The candles arrived neatly packed and protected to my home several days ago. They feature beautiful brown, glass jars and a cute label printed on the side to let you know what scent each one is.

There's also a little note in the box sharing how to use a wood wick candle. As I've never used those type before, that was much appreciated!

There are three different scents in the holiday sampler. They include:
  • Gathering - Orange and clove
  • Tennessee Christmas - Evergreen Deciduous
  • With Extra Whip - Peppermint Hot Chocolate
I have to say, Gathering is probably my favorite. The warm clove and orange scent together just screams holidays to me. My husband and son loved the With Extra Whip candle the best. While I am usually not an evergreen gal, this one was actually quite nice. It wasn't overpowering as some of those scents can be. 

The candle set retails for $20 and is a great gift idea for friends or family. It is also a fantastic addition to your home as you're hosting guests this holiday season.

For those who want cleaner burning candles, you're going to love these. The natural blend of soy and coconut make you feel better about what you're using in your home. The wooden wick adds that unique "crackle" effect as it burns, giving you the feeling of a fireplace without the hassle. These candles are also free from any phtalates as well. 

Amber Vale Home also has several other adorable candle products to choose from for all your gift giving needs this year. Be sure you stop by their site and take a look at the selection. 

A HUGE thanks to Amber Vale for sending me the sampler, AND... Offering one to give away to my readers!! Be sure to click on the rafflecopter entry form below to enter and share this giveaway with others.

**You must be 18 years or older to enter. You must reside in the United States to be eligible to win**

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Thursday, November 14, 2019

New Review and GIVEAWAY: Tony Evans Study Bible

**I was sent a copy of the Tony Evans Study Bible for my honest thoughts and review. All thoughts expressed are mine**

As we approach the holiday season, perhaps you're looking for a way to boost your faith or a gift for someone in your life who needs encouragement. Whatever your situation is, diving into the Word of God can help you find peace, wisdom, guidance, and encouragement for all stages of life.

As a youth pastor I encourage my students to spend time every day soaking up what God has to say. Whether you have five minutes to meditate on a verse or hours to read chapters and books, spending time in the Word daily is a fantastic way to grow in your walk. You can see the hear of God shining through on each page. He loves you. He wants a relationship with you. He provides a way out for you. He gave the ultimate sacrifice to be with you.

Spending time in the Word and studying what God has to say is exactly what the Tony Evans Study Bible helps you do. This beautifully bound Black/brown Leathertouch bible works perfectly as a gift to others or as an addition to your study library.

Who is Tony Evans?
Tony Evans is the lead pastor at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas. He has been preaching the gospel for over 50 years and has a passion for studying the Word. He wants to help others dive into what the Bible says and he does it with this version.

What Does The Bible Have?
The bible is printed in CSV, Christian Standard Version, and offers a variety of study helps. Each page has study notes that dive into the scriptures. Tony Evans shares his exegesis on the scriptures so that you can better understand what is being said.

Throughout the study bible you'll find:

  1. Kingdom Living Lessons - these are simply practical ways to live your life the way God intended, according to what He says. These lessons cover aspects such as community, family, personal growth, and the church.
  2. Video Devotionals - Throughout the bible you'll find QR codes that you can scan to go deeper into the study. 
  3. Q & A - Tony Evans provides answers to a slew of different questions about life, including some he has had himself about ministry and life in general
  4. Articles - Evans also shares different articles to inspire you as you dive into studying the Word deeper.
  5. Cross references in the side margins - more details about the passage you're reading and where you can find it mentioned again
  6. Application questions
  7. Hope words
  8. Maps
  9. Reading plan
  10. And much more!
This is a great gift to give to a friend or family member this holiday season, or just to help you in growing in your walk with God. You can use the multiple study aids to help answer questions, share the Word with others, and apply the Word practically to your life. 

Reading the bible is something that is highly important in your walk with Christ. The bible, the Word of God, is the only weapon you're given in the Armor of God we put on daily. It is your weapon against the enemy. It is your help in times of trouble. It gives you hope, wisdom, encouragement, and peace when the world around you is chaos. I highly encourage you to spend time daily learning more about the God we serve. 

Whether you are considering this as a gift for someone or yourself, this is a addition to any study bible library. It is a great way to go deep and to learn more about what God wants to say to you. 

I am very thankful for the copy I received and NOW have the opportunity to give one away to one of my readers! Simply enter the contest below! 

**Entries must be in the United States only. Must be 18 to enter**

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Monday, November 4, 2019

Menu Plan Monday: Week of November 4th

Welcome to Menu Planning Monday!

How was your week? Did you stick to the plan you made?

As for us, we did for the most part.  We enjoyed a lovely time for great-grandmother's 89th birthday this weekend, and we helped my parents move some items to their new home.

This week we are on a semi-normal schedule. I'm working from home today instead of the church due to a plumbing issue. Those are always fun right? BUT GOD is working things out for us so it is a blessing in disguise!

Back to menu planning! This week we will have praise and worship practice, church and assisting with any moving my parents may need.

So here's what our menu is going to look like for the week!

Monday - Chicken Alfredo
Tuesday - Meatloaf and veggies
Wednesday - Youth group at church - leftovers
Thursday - Son will make dinner - I have him in charge of supper one night each week. He will come up with his shopping list and plan.
Friday - Possible date night with friends
Saturday - Grill Burgers and hot dogs
Sunday - Pork chops on grill

So what does your week look like? Hope it's a fantastic one! Have any great recipes you want to share?

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Thankful Thursday

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910. I'm thankful for a sideline view of God working in other people's lives. There are some amazing testimonies of what God is doing, and I'm so thankful I get to watch as He continues working today.

911. I'm thankful for fall. It hasn't quite FELT like fall yet here in Florida, but it's coming.

912. I'm thankful for the young man my son is becoming. He is growing up entirely too fast, but it is awesome to watch God do His thing.

913. I'm thankful for the opportunity to be the chaplain for the local high school girl's basketball team for the 4th year. They are amazing young women and I love getting to know each of them as they journey through their high school careers.

914. I'm thankful for family close by

915. I'm thankful for quiet time in the morning

916. I'm thankful that I have a hubby who is supportive and my biggest fan

917. I'm thankful for peppermint mocha coffee being back. I'm still waiting till a little further into November to open it and use it, but I have it at the ready!

918. I'm thankful that even though it is a tough job some days, I get the chance to hang out with teens and walk with them. I'm thankful that God is allowing me to be in their lives and to see Him moving

919. I'm thankful for the tough days. The days when your body is just exhausted and your mind taps out.

So, what are you thankful for this week? Remember to always give thanks and appreciate even the tough situations!

Monday, October 28, 2019

Menu Plan Monday: Week of October 28th - November 3rd

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One thing I try to stay consistent with is menu planning. I have a big dry erase board that it is attached to the side of my refrigerator. Each week I come up with a menu that lists what I plan for supper and what outside activities we may have. For example, Wednesday nights are youth group night and we serve food there. That is one night I do not have to cook, wahoo!

Also, recently I've started having my son cook one meal a week. He gets to choose what he wants to cook, make sure we have the ingredients, and it is up to him to make it happen. Yes, I still stand and oversee in case he has questions etc. However, it is up to him to get supper on the table that night. I want him to be prepared for his future, and let's face it, a guy that knows his way around the kitchen is awesome!

This week is quite busy with outside activities so I am trying to make it easy on myself by cooking items that will last more than one meal. Leftovers truly are a blessing when you have a lot of out of the house activities.

So, here's a look at what we're eating this week.

Monday - Trim Healthy Mama Chicken Quiche. It is a super easy, super yummy "S" meal out of the Trim Healthy Table cookbook. It makes a TON when you go by the original recipe so it will feed us for multiple meals.

Tuesday - Either leftovers or Boo Bear is up for cooking his meal of the week

Wednesday - This is our youth night so we'll eat at the church

Thursday - Trunk or Treat - Chili at the church

Friday - Dad grills for us

Saturday - Eating at Nana's - Sometimes it means leftovers, other times it means that we will pick something up on the way home

Sunday - Burgers and hot dogs on the grill

Why do I menu plan? For us, it is a great way to stay on budget at the grocery store and to know what is needed during the week. This also helps to reduce the, what's for dinner panic at 4 p.m. every day. Yes, I still deal with that sometimes EVEN thought I have a plan. That is why there is always some grace sprinkled throughout. Sometimes you have a very long day and you just don't feel like cooking. Other times, you just don't like the sounds of what you have on the board. For those days, we either make something super easy in my BFF, the Instantpot, or dad can pick up something on the way.

Creating this menu for the week is super simple, and helps to reduce stress on Mama for sure.

So, what are some of your favorite meals to have on a rotation? Comment below!

Friday, October 25, 2019

Christmas Jars Movie Review and GIVEAWAY! (Sponsored Post)

The holiday season is upon us! I love this time of year. From the fall weather to football, Thanksgiving, and of course, CHRISTMAS! With the Christmas seasons comes amazing movies. Of course, there is the Hallmark Channel movies, your favorite Christmas comedy, and those truly tear jerking movies you love to watch that truly mean Christmas is upon you.

Our family has our favorites we love to watch starting on the day after Thanksgiving. I have now added one I will need to watch again and again. The Christmas Jar is a new movie being released in theaters on November 4th for one night only. This movie is rated G so it's perfect to take the entire family to view on this awesome one-night event. Check out the trailer below and be sure to grab your tickets!

I was super excited to get a pre-screening of this film and fall in love with all of the characters. This is definitely a heartwarming tale that will require your tissues before it is through. Based on a book written by Jason F. Wright, this family-friendly movie is one you're sure to add to your must-watch holiday list.

In the movie you'll meet Hope Jensen who is a reporter with an interesting life story. As she is trying to make her way in the world as a budding reporter, she discovers a mysterious gift on her door step. As she dives deeper into this Christmas Jar gift that appeared out of nowhere, she learns so much more about herself than she ever thought she would. Here's another great clip to see just what happens with Hope!

This movie is sure to bring a smile to your face and joy to your heart as you follow Hope and you fall right into her story. Learning about the Christmas Jar miracle and what it means to those who have received is guaranteed to put you in the true Christmas spirit. As you journey through this adventure with Hope you learn that "kindness is contagious". It would be a great idea for this world to actually put that mantra into action.

You'll love the ups and downs of this story as you journey through to Christmas Eve with Hope Jensen and her friends. You need to grab your favorite blanket, some hot cocoa, and settle in for this amazing film.

If you're looking for the perfect family-friendly way to start off the holiday season, this is it! Consider heading to the theater on November 4th for the one night only premier of this movie on the big screen. You can purchase your tickets early to make sure you get to take advantage of this opportunity.

AND!!!! The company has graciously offered a copy of the DVD of this movie to be given away to one of my blog readers! I'm super excited for you to get your hands on this DVD and have you add it to your favorite movie list as well!

Be sure to enter below for your chance to win a copy of this joyful film! It is so great to see wonderful movies coming out that you don't have to worry about your children watching with you. Be sure to enter and thank you for stopping by to check out the review!

**I received a copy of the digital release of this film for my honest opinion. All thoughts expressed are mine**

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