Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Curriculum Choices 2019-2020 8th Grade Year

Ummm... did I just type that? 8th grade?? How did that happen so fast? Didn't I just take this photo yesterday?

Sigh...time moves entirely too fast Mamas. Make sure that you are cherishing every moment you can. Even those that bring you to tears or make you question if that phase will ever end? It will and a new one creeps up on you.

The next thing you know, they are almost taller than you and are doing things all on their own.

Okay, enough with the emotional stuff... Let's get on to what our 8th grade school year will look like.

We actually took the summer off this year due to a lot of fun adventures. It is the first time he's ever had a summer break in our entire career of homeschooling. Hopefully it works in our favor for when it is time to start back in a couple weeks!

Here we go!

Math and Science
We will continue doing these two subjects on Florida Virtual School. I'm thankful we have this free program to compliment our homeschool curriculum and keep us on track. The teachers we have had so far are wonderful and work with Boo Bear to make sure he does his best. This option is a great one for us as we do not want to do all of our school work on the computer. It gives us the option to pick and choose the courses, up to 6 classes at a time, that he can take. We typically stick with these two subjects as we like other options, for now, for the rest.

Grammar and Spelling
We are trying a different route this year with our grammar. We will be doing the ACE Paces for English and Word Building. These smaller books help Boo Bear to actually see completion throughout the school year and it helps him to keep pushing along. I have been a writer and editor for 10 plus years but I do NOT like English... Go figure... We are excited to try this program out this year and will keep you posted on how it works for us.

American History
We are using the NotGrass US History program this year. We started it a few years ago and did part of it. We really enjoyed it so we're going to finish it up and do a review for it this year. It is a great program that encompasses maps, quizzes, fun projects to reiterate what we've learned and so much more! 

Boo Bear takes guitar weekly and plays on the youth worship band. This will be one of our extracurriculars through the year as well. 

We will also be making our regular frequent trips to the library for reading materials and research. He will be writing in a journal daily as well. Our field trips look different now that he is older. They are fewer and far between but mainly because he isn't as interested in those as he used to be. That's another sad fact of them growing up. The things that you USED to love aren't as appealing anymore and it's a hard pill to swallow. 

Okay, enough of me gushing over memory lane. This is going to be an exciting year ahead and there will be many adventures, I'm sure! 

What does your homeschool year look like? 

Monday, July 22, 2019

Menu Plan Monday

Happy Monday to ya! I hope you had a very relaxing and fun weekend. We had a good time with family and friends this weekend. Simply hanging out with each other and fellowshipping.

Last week was quite busy so honestly, I didn't have a menu. It was a week of winging it with leftovers and stuff from our freezer. All of us just kind of fixed our own thing as we had a band camp for Boo Bear and our annual VBS. That was a blast, by the way. We had over 50 children show up for our VBS! That was our biggest year yet! So awesome that all of these families came out this year and we are so blessed to have our children's leader. She's the BOMB!

This week will definitely be a better menu week. We have all missed our family dinners :).

Monday - dinner with friends from out of town. We have some out of town friends coming in and we will meet them for dinner nearby. It will be our one time eating out this week.

Tuesday - Taco Salad

Wednesday - Cheeseburger Pie

Thursday - Leftovers and clean out fridge

Friday - Hubby grills

Saturday - Pork Chops

Sunday - Philly steaks

Next week we are taking our youth to the National Fine Arts Competition! Three of our amazing teens made it and we will be cheering them on and having a fantastic week together. Our menus will be a little different since we will be cooking for a bunch of people all at the same time. I'm currently looking for yummy ideas that are simple and easy to cook but are tasty and fit dietary needs of everyone. Should be a fun adventure!

So, what is on your menu this week? What is a go to for you when you're busy running around? I'd love to hear them in the comments below!

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Thankful Thursday

880. I'm thankful to see dreams that started 20 years ago coming to fruition.

881. For the sunshine. When it's the rainy season in Florida, boy does the sun seem like a long lost friend. Praying for all those around the nation who need relief from this rain as well.

882. Friends who continually surprise me every day with their amazingness.

883. Figuring out my coffee maker to make lattes and cappuccinos. It's so much fun!

884. My amazing hubby who is so supportive and always there to back me up or cheer me on when needed, and even sometimes when I didn't know I needed it.

885. Time with the kiddo just hanging out...

886. A good night's sleep

887. A day of relaxing at home

888. For the opportunity to go to youth camp this year

889. Thankful for my quiet time in the mornings.

Monday, June 17, 2019

Menu Plan Monday

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Happy Monday to you! Hope you had a fantastic weekend with your family or doing what you love. Even if you were at work, I hope it was a great time this weekend.

My boys went off on an adventure Saturday and I went to our women's ministry annual summer tour. It was a much needed time for me.

I'm working on getting my normal blogging schedule back up and running. I've honestly missed it so much and things have gotten to an even balance so I can start back up. It's such an awesome release for me honestly. I just love sitting at the computer and sharing my heart!

So, I'm trying to embark this summer, at least until it's out, on a USE WHAT IS IN YOUR PANTRY challenge. Let's be honest for a second. One, I buy canned items because we live in Florida. Everyone knows what the summer brings with it. So, I'm stocking up on our hurricane supplies but there is also the fact that I need to simply use what we have for a bit as well.

I'm going to be sharing each week our menu plan and then I can update at the end of the week how it went. Not only will it help us to be mindful of what we have hidden in the back of the pantry, it also helps to reduce my weekly grocery budget and frees that money up for other things.

So, without further ado, here's our weekly menu for June 17th thru June23rd

Monday - We will be out of the house for an appointment so it will be a dinner provided to us at that event.

Tuesday - Sloppy Joes, salad, and corn

Wednesday - Eating at Youth group

Thursday - Chicken Alfredo and steamed brocolli

Friday - Grilled Steak and veggies

Saturday - Hot dogs on the grill, butter beans and sausage

Sunday - Homemade pizzas with ham and pineapple

So, what's on your menu this week? Have you ever done this type of thing before? What are your tips for keeping your groceries on a budget? I'd love to hear from you!

Have a blessed week!

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Thankful Thursday

870. I'm thankful for what God is doing in our lives. It is exciting, scary, and surely an adventure!

871. I'm thankful for the people He has placed in our lives. I'm also thankful for those He may have removed. While we may miss them, things like that happen for a reason.

872. I'm thankful for a summer with my kiddo. We don't usually take a full summer so this is TRULY an adventure!

873. I'm thankful for mentors that God placed in my life to bring me to where I'm at. Everyone comes into your life for a specific reason. Some for life and some for a season. Some stay with you even when they aren't in the same state anymore.

874. I'm thankful for the growing in God. It can be difficult, it can bring tears. But it is always for my good. Romans 8:28!

875. I'm thankful for a husband that supports me in everything I do. He is always my cheerleader whether he's building an amazing coffee cart or if he is simply sitting in the audience silently supporting me. He is my best friend, my protector, my shoulder to cry on, and my "honey you're crazy" reminder.

876. Being able to make a sugar-free vanilla latte at home.

877. People God sends in my path to encourage me when they don't even realize what they are doing.

878. The sunshine!

879. My dad. His birthday and Father's day is approaching fast. He's always been there to guide, direct, calm, and be a gentle hand when need be. I will never forget my wedding day when I was freaking out right before going in and he asked a silly question on what he was supposed to do that immediately calmed me down. I'm thankful for him, even when he is saying things I don't like/want to hear. Love you dad!

So, what are you thankful for this week? What has God done for you? What are some simple pleasures in life that just make you smile? Be thankful. Live with an attitude of gratitude! It makes a difference!

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Back to Blogging!

Wow! Long time no hear from, right? Life has been super busy and fun and exciting and busy and, did I say busy?

Well, it has been! God has been doing amazing things in our home and our lives and we are so excited about the adventures ahead.

I have recently gone through the process of becoming a credentialed minister with our church and that will culminate on the 17th of June. This has been an exciting time as we all step out in faith to follow God's call on our family's lives. Yes. It is a call for all of us. We do this together. Any time anyone goes into ministry, God brings the whole family along and boy have we seen just that!

We are still homeschooling Boo Bear and will continue to do so for as long as God provides that route. He is going into the 8th grade! I'm not sure how that happened so fast but... it did and he is. I still think he should look like this honestly...

I think he should still be toddling around doing crazy stuff.

He is doing crazy, wonderful things but...

Life is fun and never dull when you have a teen living in the house. I'm super proud of him. He is learning guitar, playing and singing on our youth worship team, and he is just a compassionate kiddo. I can't wait to see where God takes him in his future.

This summer will be exciting and new for him as well. One, he actually GETS a summer. He hasn't done that before with homeschooling. However, we have youth camp and National Fine Arts Competition this year so we are taking a full summer break. I figured he could probably use it before 8th grade hits as well.

I am trying to get back into my regular blogging plan. Life is starting to even out a bit so I'm hoping to share here more. I miss it. I love to write and sometimes when you do that for a job, the love kind of disappears for a bit. However, I want a place I can just be free to write my thoughts with no one telling me what to write about. Except for you guys. If there's something you want to hear about, let me know!

I am so thankful for everyone who stops by here and takes this journey with us. If you have a prayer request today, leave it below and I'll be glad to join with you in prayer. Have a wonderful day!

"Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have, because God has said, 'Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you'. " Hebrews 13:5

Friday, January 25, 2019

What is Worship?

This past week in youth we discussed what worship is. Let me tell you. These students can totally blow my mind sometimes with the questions they ask. Be AWARE! This generation is not dumb. They aren't stupid, or just stuck on technology. Take a minute here. Listen to me. This generation is AMAZING!

They ask questions and have thoughts that I didn't think till I was way older than they are. They are pushing their youth pastor and their leaders to step up their game. That's a GOOD thing. So, with that in mind, we have been having some crazy discussions lately. Mostly about what it means to have a relationship with God. To rely on Him fully and how we can do that.

This week we focused on worship. What it is. What it is not. What we need to remember.

What is Worship?
Worship is giving reverence, and adoration to a deity. It is an act of expressing that reverence or "extravagant respect or admiration for or devotion to an object of esteem".

Worship is:
  1. Giving God the honor due to Him - Psalm 29:2
  2. Thanking God for EVERYTHING He has done for you. Even the tough times can be times of thankfulness and worship.
  3. Allowing God to speak to you. Shutting out the world, and actually listening to what He has to say.
  4. A lifestyle. It's not just singing and clapping on Sunday's or other "church" days. It is a lifestyle. You can worship in work, in deed, in giving, in everything you can do. Do it all unto Him!
Worship is NOT: 
  1. About you. It's not about how "great" you feel or how many goosebumps you got during the songs. Our focus should be on God, not on what us. 
  2. A concert. Yes, God gives the musicians and singers talent and gifts. Yes they use them, but it's not about you saying how good the band was that day. It isn't a concert for you to enjoy. It should be an immersive experience that you participate in.
  3. A time filler. It's not to just waste time. It's an important part of the service or your day. 
When Joshua and the children of Israel were walking around Jericho, they blew the trumpets and shouted. That's when God took down the wall. David danced and didn't care what people thought of him as he worshipped God. He just knew God was worthy and he was going to give all his praise and adoration to Him. Paul and Silas were beaten, bloody, bruised, and chained in prison. Yet, they sang hymns and prayed. Right there in prison. That's when the earth shook, the chains broke and the doors flew open. 

Worship is warfare. Worship is intimate communication with your Father. Worship can be loud, it can be silent. There's no right or wrong way to worship. 

I shared with the teens something and I'm going to share here. I believe in being transparent. I LOVE Bama football. If you know me, you know that. I'm not quiet when I watch a game. It's loud. It's noisy. I jump up and yell and shout. 

One day watching a game the Holy Spirit nudged me and asked me why I got more excited about a ball game than worship. 😐I mean yeah, I get excited but I still worried about what others thought. I've made up my mind not to do that anymore. Do I still feel "weird" or like people might laugh at me? Absolutely. But you know what... Jesus died for me. He took my beating, my punishment, my shame for me. The least I can do is be giggled at or looked at for worshipping Him. 

I encourage you to worship in your way. It doesn't have to be loud and jumping around. It doesn't have to be quiet. It is however you worship. Just Worship...

It can move mountains. It can give you peace and joy and remind you that God loves you and has you right where you are.