Thursday, February 4, 2016

Thankful Thursday

620. I'm thankful for fantastic news from the allergy and asthma doctor. We are doing some more allergy testing this next week but... According to his words, Boo Bear's breathing was phenomenal. He is doing so well he was able to reduce some of his daily inhaler! Answer to prayers!!!

621. I'm thankful for a new group at church. It's a weight loss group offering support to each of us on this journey. It's something I'm super excited about and thankful that the leader has followed what God laid on her heart.

622. I'm thankful for field trips

623. I'm also thankful for days at home.

624. I'm thankful for Facebook memories. Some of them are so awesome. Some of them bring reminders of people or things lost. Either way I'm thankful for them all, like this one.

625. I'm thankful for exciting new curriculum

626. While it's not comfortable, I'm thankful God is using others to push me out of my comfort zone. My praise and worship leader is one of them who's listening to God and pushing me right out of my comfortable bubble :)

627. I'm thankful for old movies that are still good even though I've seen them 100 times.

628. I'm thankful for a surprise visit from my brother

629. I'm thankful for my hoodie, fuzzy jammy pants, and socks on cold mornings.

So what do you have to be thankful for today?

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Thankful Thursday

610. I'm thankful that we get to homeschool. I know it's been said before, but this is something I am very, very thankful for. Not only do we get to explore things hands-on, we get to take it with us no matter what. There's no makeup work because we had two doc appointments in one day, like we did this week. I'm thankful for the opportunity for this journey that is a crazy, exciting, emotional ride. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

611. I'm thankful for great friends that no matter how long it is between times we get together, we always have the best time ever!

612. I'm thankful that Boo Bear got a good report at the eye doc this week. Yes, there are a few things we have to watch for and he may be headed towards glasses, but I'm so thankful other things we have been dealing with are improving.

613. I'm thankful for fun games that are exciting AND that we learn at the same time.

614. I'm thankful for timely review products. We are studying about the election process right now and I can't wait to share this great item with you. (it'll be soon so make sure you're watching )

615. I'm thankful for amazing heart-to-heart talks with my kiddo. While I'm amazed at the depth and thought in his questions, I'm so thankful for that time. We may have to call Papa sometimes to get the answers, but that's what Papa's are for, right?

616. I'm thankful for an amazing new pizza recipe I discovered. It is low carb and means I can have pizza while keeping my blood sugar in tact.

617. I'm thankful for a hubby that steps in and cooks dinner when our classes run late. He's just awesome!

618. I'm thankful for time to reflect, pray and just be in God's presence. I don't know how I'd get through my day without it.

619. I'm thankful for beautiful weather. I'm thankful that when the storms are over, the sun still shines. God is faithful!

So what are you thankful for this week??

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Thankful Thursday

590. I'm thankful for immunotherapy seeming to help my kiddo. He's been through a long life of treatments, sickness, trouble breathing and allergies. We are finally on the path to something that seems to have helped. It's the first fall/winter we've ever gone without breathing treatments every single day.

591. I'm thankful and excited for a new adventure Boo Bear and I are on. We've kind of played around with him cooking before but now... Mama says... he is going to be responsible for getting dinner on the table one night a week. Start to finish. With help of course :) His first time was a success!!I love how our Golden is patiently waiting to see if he drops anything.. HAHAHA!

592. I love this kiddos smile and personality. He's tenderhearted, a perfectionist, compassionate, and crazy all in one. He has my love for plays and drama, and his daddy's sarcastic quick whit. He's a blessing in more ways than he'll ever know!

593. I'm thankful for the amazing zoo trip we took this past weekend. It was a much needed family day for all of us. We had a blast and I hope we can do more of this!

594. I'm thankful that reviews are starting to ship! It's so exciting and we have some amazing products coming up that I'm sure you'll love!!

595. I'm thankful for the craziness of schedules and routines. Yes. Right now it's wild and wacky and I wonder what I'm thinking sometimes. But I wouldn't change it for anything. We are having fun and learning and spending time together that you can't get back.

596. I'm thankful for hot chocolate, hot coffee, and these smiles.

597. I'm thankful for awesome friends who are ready to go spend a Friday in town with us at the drop of a hat.

598. I'm thankful for delicious soups that turn out just the way I wanted them.

599. I'm thankful for the servant's heart that I see developing in my kiddo. Yes. He is a typical kid but he's also not.

600. I'm thankful for the gift of playing the piano God has given me. It is much more than playing to me. It's an expression of my heart. It's a way to relieve stress. It's something I feel I can try to give to others.

601. I'm thankful for sermons that just speak right to you like there's no one else in the room.

602. I'm thankful for God showing time and time again that He's faithful. He answers prayers, although maybe not how we thought. He is an amazing God that loves and cares for us, even in our weakest moments.

603. I'm thankful for amazing family members that are there when you need them.

604. I'm thankful that working from  home is a reality and not just a dream anymore. It is stressful. It's hard to find balance sometimes. It never leaves but it's a way to support my family and stay home to homeschool.

605. I'm thankful for my organization need. It keeps me out of trouble sometimes. It also drives me nuts and sometimes I wish I didn't have to have things the way I did. BUT... it does help me in the long run.

606. I'm thankful for field trips, studies with friends, and learning outside of the classroom.

607. I'm thankful for new adventures that are just around the corner.

608. I'm thankful that my kiddo is in the drama this spring. Although when the play rolls around, I'll be ready for a break, I'm so excited for him.

609. I'm thankful for the opportunities this blog has brought my way. I never imagined seven years ago when I started writing I'd be where I am today. Just... amazing...

Sunday, January 17, 2016

The Pencil Grip, Inc Review

Recently we received The Pencil Grip, Inc products including two pencil grips and the Kwik Stix Tempura Paint Sticks.

If your children are anything like my son, they love to paint. I love letting him be creative, but let's face it. Paint can get messy and it gets everywhere. No matter what we try to do to stop it, it goes all over the place. Thankfully, with these new paint sticks, that's not a problem any longer!!

These amazing products are solid tempura paint that are easily uncapped. They do not run all over the place. They go where your child puts it and that's it. There's no water to wash off the brushes making an even bigger mess. While art time is fun and being messy is fun too, you don't always want to have a huge area to clean up after your kiddos inspiration hits. With these new sticks in your arsenal of craft supplies, that's not a problem!

The paint dries within 90 seconds of your child applying it to their paper, or in this case, the craft sticks he was using to make Christmas ornaments.

We received the 12-count of the sticks that included a variety of colors. By looking on Amazon, you'll find there are a range of sizes including the 6-pack, 12-pack and even a 96-pack of colors!

When you use these sticks, they can be used on a variety of mediums such as cardboard, poster paper, wood and also canvas for your little artist to create their favorite pictures. You can set them up and allow them to get as creative as they want with no mess and no fuss. The sticks are very easy to use and since it dries so fast, it's "instant gratification!"

The Pencil Grip

We received two pencil grips to check out. I honestly have to say my son took one right away and ran away with it. So I had to catch the one I could while I could. These are made of great quality and are nice and comfortable to hold your pencils. I am one who tends to squeeze my pencil way too tight so this has helped to keep my fingers from getting too sore. There's a wide variety of colors available to fit your kiddos personality.

The Pencil Grip, Inc. offers a variety of grips to choose from. There's the original, pinch grip, crossover and the jumbo grip. If you're teaching your child how to write and hold their pencil correctly, there is a three step process.  The first step is the crossover grip. Once they have worked with that one awhile, they move up to the pinch grip and then finally to the original grip. By learning how to hold their pencil properly, it can help prevent some of those bad writing habits that can cause your child to have painful experiences.

They also sent a chart explaining each of the grips, the three step approach, and the correct and incorrect way to hold your pencil.

You can also buy these on their website or on Amazon just as the Kwik Stix are available in both places.

I highly recommend both of these products as an addition to your homeschool, school, or regular art supply areas. They are both made of great quality, work great with your kids and are fun to use as well. Check them out and see what I mean!!

**I received these products free for my review. All opinions are mine. Please see my full disclosure by clicking here. **

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Thankful Thursday

580. I'm thankful for hot coffee or cappuccino. I freeze. When it cools down here I stay cold for whatever reason.

581. I'm thankful for hoodies. :) They are one of my favorite piece of clothing right now.

582. I'm thankful for routine. Science class has started back up. Drama starts soon. Routine is something that we crave after a busy holiday season.

583. I'm thankful for my amazing husband and his mad skills. I say, "hey honey, can you do..." and he says, YEP! My..hmmhmm.. HIS new project :)

584. I'm thankful for the giggles my son causes. He is just a light and brings so much craziness, joy and boyness to my world :)

585. I am thankful for an amazing allergy doc and staff that makes this long immunotherapy plan seem doable and tolerable.

586. I love that my son is getting into Star Wars.

587. I'm thankful for movie time, family game night, and laughter until you can't breathe.

588. I'm thankful for the opportunity to review some amazing things this year!

589. I'm thankful for long talks with my kiddo on our travels.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Cave Tools Meat Claws Review!

If you've been around here any length of time you know I love to cook. Kitchen tools are one of my favorite things and I love trying them all out. Recently I was given the opportunity to review the Cave Tools Meat Claws and I'm telling you what... they are awesome!!!

These awesome tools make it easy to shred your  meat for BBQ, enchiladas, tacos, whatever you need shredded meat for. For this review, I used it to shred up some boiled chicken for our chicken noodle stew I make.

They are easy to use. Easy to clean and are a perfect addition to your kitchen arsenal!

Purchase the Meat Claws Here!

Priced at less than $20, these make a great gift for the chef in your life. Each of the claws have six prongs and it is in the shape of a bear claw. What better way to shred your meat? I honestly have to say these came at the most perfect time for us. I had just said I wanted a pair of these after shredding a pork roast with two forks (no fun). 

These claws are BPA free and are heat resistant so you don't have to worry about shredding your very hot meats as you get them finished cooking. I also love the fact that once I'm finished using these, they can be tossed in the dishwasher for easy clean-up.

There are multiple uses for this must-have kitchen tool as well. Not only do they easily shred the meat, you can pick up a large piece of meat and put it on your platter or you can use one claw to stabilize the meat for easy carving.

I highly recommend you checking out the Cave Tools Meat Claws yourself. These are perfect for the avid griller, crock pot user, or meat lover to have in their home. You can even use them to stabilize your large pieces of watermelon or other large items while you carve!!

Check out the other thoughts by clicking here and you can use this amazing coupon code for 15% off your purchase : MEOY47SI

Don't just take my word for it! Try them out yourself :). It makes for easy meat shredding for your next BBQ dinner, taco night or soup night!

** I received this product free for my personal review. All opinions and thoughts are mine .You can see my full disclosure by clicking here. **

Monday, January 4, 2016

Back to School!

It was our first day back to school after a long break. We tend to take the entire time between Thanksgiving and New Years off since our summers are so very hot. That's our "summer break".

Needless to say, we enjoyed our downtime. I'm starting to feel normal now for school to start back so that's great and sad at the same time. I feel like I missed a lot of opportunities when we had our break due to my back being out of commission. Thankfully, I feel more normal now than I have in weeks and just in time to make school fun again!!

We started our school semester off in the doc's office. It was a check-up with the podiatrist on the new things they are trying for Boo Bear's feet. Boy, I had the wonderful idea of having our appointment at 8:00 am. In the morning. When it first hit 43 degrees here. What was I thinking???

We made it through and got our allergy shots too. Thankfully, school goes with us! So although it didn't start off normal, we still accomplished our goals for the day on the road.

We actually had all our subjects done before the doc even saw us. :) Now, that's great to me! Course, Boo Bear wasn't so excited to start school back but it was a busy morning. I'm excited school is starting back and hope that we can add more fun and excitement.

Our review crew year is starting up this month too so there should be lots of fun things coming our way!

Hard at Work...

I also signed him up for the Young Scientists Club this year so we can work on science experiments at home. I liked that they are monthly kits and come with everything you need to have fun in science. They also build on each other as well. We received our first kit this week so I'll share with you how they work out soon.

Have you started back to school yet? How did the first day back go? Hope you have a blessed week!!!