Monday, April 21, 2014

A Beautiful Easter...

This weekend was a very nice weekend. We enjoyed family time together working on the house and added in some surprises for our little guy. We are on the last week or so waiting for the closing of our new home. So with stuff in boxes scattered around, it's hard to just have fun and do "normal" at home things. So we took to the movies this weekend. We took Boo Bear to see Rio 2 this weekend. It was a nice break. Our favorite theater is in the retirement community here and it's awesome. It's like an old barn and is decorated with old John Deere Tractors and lovely wood decorations. We then walked around the craft festival they had going on. We have been going to movies in that area for a while now. It is a much nicer atmosphere and a nicer theater section than the one in our town.

Sunday was such a nice family day celebrating Easter. We had a wonderful time at church and then out for lunch.

As you can see it was kind of cloudy and overcast all day. At least it didn't rain during the egg hunt! Daddy helped out with the process of finding them by stuffing tiny pieces of dog treats in them so Molly could locate them with Boo Bear. She was all excited but not sure why. :-) They had a blast working together and finding all the eggs....

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a great Easter.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Mary, Did You Know?

As we approach Easter, my heart is filled with a million different feelings. Emotions run rampant whenever I think of what my Lord has done for me. For you. For the world. Even though I don't deserve it and have let Him down more times than I care to admit, He did all this for me.

As I was watching the Easter program at church yesterday my mind, thoughts and heart went to Mary. As a mother of a son, I can understand her now more than I ever thought I could. Oh, I always thought how difficult it would be to let your son go and die for a world that shunned him, hated and beat him. But I never truly knew what it would mean to have your heart live outside of your body until my child was born.

Now I sit in tears as I think of the pain she must have felt watching her child being beaten and spit on. The anger that comes out in mothers when their child is being treated poorly. The "mother hen" reaction and the drive to protect your child from a world that is cruel and unkind.

I now understand the deep and unique love that mother's have for their children. I understand the longing to keep your child safe and to protect them at all costs.

I can not, however, imagine the pain and deep sadness that she must have felt watching her son crucified. I could not imagine the anguish of having to bury your own child and to watch him bear the weight of the world, literally, on his shoulders.

As I watch my son play, grow and learn, I can imagine Mary doing the same thing. Watching on with delight and joy in her heart but also knowing that one day, her son would travel a path she couldn't go on.

We do that too. We watch our children grow and learn but there's not always room for us on the path they must take. Some journeys they have to take alone.

I hope you take time this week and remember the great sacrifice that was given for you. Remember that everything He went through, was for you. Every strike of the whip, every hit of the hammer, every single thing was for you.

I thank Mary for her willingness to be used by God. For saying yes when she was a young girl about to be married. For teaching us as mother's we can love our children, teach them and help them grow but we must at eventually let go.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Week in Review...

This week has been kind of normal?? If there is such a thing right now. It was kind of laid back and tried to be a sense of normal around these crazy days.

We have been working on the final things for our new home and hoping to close very soon. We also had to deal with crazy internet issues in our current home this week so that added some excitement.

We worked on a few school items this week trying to kind of keep up but it's really hard when your school room, kitchen table, whole house is stacked with boxes standing at the ready to move.

So here's what our week looked like...

We worked on a few of our Paces trying to keep up and get them finished. He only has about four left in each of the grammar sections so we should hopefully finish those without trouble in the next few months.

Math we worked on our Geometry chapter. That always goes a little faster since it's shapes and fun stuff. I like it because it does go faster and helps break up the tough stuff.

Science we have been watching shark videos, dinosaur videos and he had science class this week. He is sad that next week is the last class until school starts back in the fall. They do have summer camp weeks too so we will see about those. He is loving the science class as they are studying about light and how it works. I love it because he's working with other children and learning from someone besides Mama. :)

It was an absolutely beautiful spring day yesterday and wasn't too hot. We got in a little park time after class.

We had fun last weekend visiting our friends in their new home. I got some girl time with her yesterday during class too ;). Maybe that will become our weekly play day with them. It's always great to get together with friends and just unwind.

So how was your week? Did you get a lot done or are you taking some time off? Share with us and be sure to connect with the blogs below!

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Thankful Thursday

Today's the day! It's one of my favorites! ;) Thankful Thursday! I try to remember to be thankful everyday. Some days are easier than others. Some days it can be hard to see past the pain, troubles and trials going on to see the blessings that these trials bring. But they still are there, no matter if we see them right away or not. So today I'm counting the blessings God has given me. There are really too many to count but I'm going to try to count some of them anyway. :)

Today I'm thankful for the blessing of another year gone by to see my friends, family and the world around me.

I'm thankful for a great report for me from the doctor yesterday. I have a few things to work on but things are good overall.

I'm thankful for my two sweet boys. My hubby and my kiddo just couldn't wait last night until today to give me my birthday presents. They really do spoil me ;)

I'm thankful for best friends who listen to me whine and don't get tired of my craziness. 

I'm thankful for family that truly does love no matter what. 

I'm thankful for new friends, new experiences and new adventures to come. 

So what are you thankful for? Remember to count your blessings!!!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Thankful and Weekly Review, All In One!

This week has been fun and crazy and fun and wild. We are taking a step back from our traditional school routine with all the packing, running and prepping for a huge move. It's a bit much for me but for my son, his whole world is spinning around. Check out my post here to see what I mean. So we are taking a new approach. That's the freedom and excitement of homeschooling, right? Right! We can go with the ebb and flow of life and not let it overwhelm us. So that's what we are doing.

This week we had lots of fun watching Shark Week on Netflix. Well until our Internet decided be silly. We are fixing that today so it's all good. Boo Bear checked out Mythbusters and Shark Week all week this week. We read some books on sharks and started listening to Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief. So far so good on that one. He's really enjoying it.

We took a fun relaxing walk around the lake at the park were we take science classes. Those started back this week and he's loving them. Sadly, this is the last month until the start of school next year. Sigh... But here are some treasures we found....

He also tried his hand at sneaking up on one of the ducks to see just how close he could get. Didn't get too close. Those little boogers are always watching ;).

I love my child's heart. He just does things that blow my mind sometimes. Like this note I found on my nightstand.

I had some nice cuddle time with our silly pup. She like to just jump up in the middle of my lap and hang out. Like this. :)

Things are moving quickly on the house so we are excited about that. How was your week? Good I hope! Be sure to enter the giveaway while you're visiting!!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Gypsy Fairies Review and Giveaway!!!

WAHMReviewer – Jen Ryan (I received this free for my review. All opinions are mine.)

Recently I was given the opportunity to work with Leona at Gypsy Fairies Jewelry Designs and Weddings. She designs different pieces of jewelry and bead work, while she also plans weddings. Leona has a degree in wedding planning and she's currently working on one in jewelry design. After a few minutes talking with her, my product was on the way.

I received the beautiful Alice in Wonderland beaded character.

She is adorable! These beaded characters are made to go on your purse, backpack, key-chains, name tags and more! I knew from the moment I opened the package I couldn't wait to share it!

I placed her on my purse zipper as I knew it would get more exposure than if it was on my keys. I don't really wear name-tags that much since I don't work out of the house. I knew the purse was my best option for maximum exposure. And boy did it work!

Everyone fell in love with my little Alice. She is absolutely adorable and fits quite nicely on your zipper. The bead work is amazing and I am in awe of Leona's talent. She has quite the knack for this bead work. I could not sit and do this intricate designs like she does.

See how cute she is hanging off my purse? I just loved it. I instantly received compliments on how cute this piece was and where did I get it at.

Be sure to head over to the WAHMReviews page to catch the rest of my review and see how you can get one of these adorable pieces for yourself!!! 

Leona also offers a variety of jewelry designs to fit your event or your likes. She offers wine glass charms, rings, children's designs, earrings and more. You simply must check out her website to see all the wonderful ideas she has. Whether you need help planning your big day, or you just want one of these adorable beaded characters, Leona is waiting for you! You can visit her by clicking here and going to her website. Check out her Facebook page and tell her WAHMReview's sent you. Now it's time for a giveaway!!! Be sure to enter the giveaway below and good luck!

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Monday, March 31, 2014

Learning to Lean...

When we started the process of buying a house, after we signed and had the contract accepted, my dad told me something. He said basically we have just jumped into a cardboard box and are sliding down the hill. Once we close on the home, the box will stop at the bottom. Boy was he right. He said when humps or bumps come up and try to stress us out, it's the mortgage/realtor telling us to lean in the box. So we lean. then we lean again. This way and that way until we are at the bottom of the hill, still in tact and with a new home.

Well I think today was a bump or lean into the curve that my son threw my way.

Today we tried getting back into the swing of our homeschool routine. See last week was light because we sort of took an unintentional spring break. We did lots of fun stuff and took a break so now we need to get back to it right? Maybe not so much. This morning he had a melt down Trying to get his math review sheet done and he had already worked on his PACES. I just couldn't figure it out. Then we stopped and talked. He's stressed out too. I know I am but just imagine being 7 and going through this.

Your whole house is in an uproar. Things are in boxes and not in shelves any more. Your toys are being packed away and Mom and Dad are constantly running doing things on the phone or on the computer. Constant trips back and forth to a strange, new, exciting and scary house that will be your new home. You can't remember ever living anywhere else than where you are now because you were too young to.

Now you're being told you're going to a new home, changing churches, changing areas of where you live. Learning new crooks and crannies of a home. Playing in a new backyard, that while it's exciting, is also a little scary. Trying to make life happen normally everyday, when it is far from it.

While I am stressed, frustrated with new things in the way or living out of boxes, I had to stop and remember my kiddo is dealing with all this too. He's learning to lean with Daddy and Me. The box has all of us, not just the two of us. He is in the middle of this too.

So we are learning to lean a different way with our schooling. We are going to focus on different ways to school such as documentaries on Netflix, tons of reading on subjects we enjoy and a little math here and there. Learning to lean was not just for us. It is also for me to realize we have a little passenger that is learning to lean with us too. We just have to make it easy and natural for him to lean with us with as little stress as possible.

Now we are on a new adventure for the next few weeks/month. So we will hang on to the sides. Maybe we will let go and throw our hands up in the air and enjoy the wind through our hair. Maybe we will cling on for dear life. But we will do one thing. We will learn to lean. Lean into the curves of this journey down the hill. Lean on the One who can help us smoothly and safely down. Lean on our friends and family and each other when we are just about to pull our hair out. We will keep leaning and we will be to the bottom of that hill in no time.