Friday, March 18, 2011

New Things This Week

Thanks to coupons I tried out some new items this week. One for free! If you join Kraft First Taste you can receive coupons for their new items. Ever wanted to try something new out and not sure you would like it? This has stopped me many times from trying something. I don’t want to waste money on something I might not like. Thanks to Kraft you don’t have to! You can receive great coupons for free items and they also tend to send coupons for money off the same item. This works great when you are trying something out. This week we tried the Philadelphia Cooking Creme.



Publix had a great deal on them this week on top of my coupons. So I got a couple to try. Last night we cooked with the Santa Fe version. I have to say it was quite delicious!


We used the recipe on the packet that was for Southwest Pasta Skillet. My hubby loved it and I did too. The Little Guy wasn’t so keen on trying it yet. Maybe soon.

I am looking forward to trying other great recipes with the other two I purchased this week. If you want to try these out go over to Publix where you can find a great deal on them. There are also packets of chicken breast with coupons off your chicken if you buy the cream too.

Hope you have a great weekend and let me know if you tried new things this week!

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