Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Rough Day or Maybe Not

Well, first my little guy has Pink Eye. Ughh.. never really had to deal with this before so it is our first episode. Medicine to fix this is not cheap. :( But if it helps him then we got have it. Waiting on it to come in tomorrow and hopefully he can get some relief. Along with having to deal with that and just an all around blah day I was thinking it was a stinky day.

But as I sit here tonight thinking I know, it could be so much worse. All of our family is here tonight and resting peacefully. We are blessed in so many ways and many times we forget to look at those instead of looking at what problems are in front of us. With a wonderful hubby and son that loves me even when I have a bad day and parents and extended family that accepts me for who I am , what more could I ask for? :)

I need to start thinking more about the good things that are happening instead of letting my focus be on the things that don’t go quite as I wanted them to. Sometimes there is a reason they don’t go as I planned.

So as I end tonight I will thank God for all the good things in my life. But we can’t stop there. We also need to thank Him for the struggles and hurdles in our lives as well. For it is without them that we would not understand or always recognize the good things in our lives. May we never forget how truly blessed we are even in the gray days.

me and boo

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