Thursday, March 31, 2011

Whooo The Storms

Okay, I am okay with rain. Even if it is a little thunderstorm here or there because hey, that is part of living in the sunshine state. But tornados? I am not so fond of them. However I did watch the movie Twister while sitting in tornadic weather when I was a teen. How weird is that? LOL Thankful that there have only been warnings and not actual tornados hit as I found out yesterday we are in the corridor that those type of storms likes to travel. I have come to the conclusion that we are magnetically drawn to tornado alleys. When we were in Georgia we bought our home and guess what… that area was called tornado alley. LOL Yesterday I learn we are pretty much in the path that those type storms like to move yet again. *sigh* Oh well. I like watching the weather but not being actually in it.

I had considered at one time (after Twister came out) about being a storm chaser. I really like to see those type of things BUT I grew up and got out of the fantasy phase and into those things are real and can eat you up! It’s funny how movies can make you want to become something when you grow up but that is another thought and another blog….

Today was the first time I had to drop Little guy off at school and leave him at school with this type of weather. Most times he just is at home when it goes haywire, not today. Although I know he will be safe and his daddy is right down the road from him I am still concerned till I get him home. Hope you all stay safe in this nasty weather and have a blessed day. What do you do for fun during the stormy days? Any suggestions to keep this four and a half year old occupied??


  1. I always have an arts and crafts day on bad days.
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  2. thank you for the follow :) We have played Go Fish, colored, played cars and trucks and rolled around in his tent and tunnel. :) LOL Boy this is going to be a long day. :) LOL

  3. Great post. Thank you for stopping by our Blog Frog Community :) ~WAHM Solution


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