Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Finals: Teaching About Coupons

Okay, since I am so seriously considering Home schooling Boo Bear now I am looking for lessons everywhere we go. ;o) We do this anyway but even more so now. We went to dinner last night and ran over to the Publix behind the restaurant so we could get a few things. I was also on the look out for some coupon books. Well I made it a game for Boo. He was getting kind of antsy so I showed him a blinkie and told him he had to help me find all those and get the "cash" out of them for the next time we come to the store. In case you hadn't ever thought of it that way think about it. Coupons are basically the manufacturer giving you cash to come by their product. That is pretty awesome when you think about it.

He had a blast going around finding money to come back shopping the next time. He gathered up over $30 worth of coupons from blinkie's alone. I was pretty darn proud of him. He was having a blast and I was teaching him a lesson in being frugal.

I had a great CVS trip this week. I did the deals you can find over at Southern Savers and spent $3.26 for 3 Airwick Motion Freshmatics and 2 cans of Lysol Spray. I also got some great FREE bubble! :o) There are some great freebies coming up this week at CVS and you can still get some of the great ones from this week. Stop by Jenny's site and see how much you can be saving.

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  1. those cvs deals are great. I saved a lot this week. I just started to shop there, great sales. thanks for the link tip-Jenny. I was following another blog, but she stopped writing her blog on the cvs deals.


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