Sunday, April 10, 2011

Goals, Results From Last Week, Looking to the Future. :)

Well, today is my birthday. :o) I am celebrating the anniversary of my ___ birthday. LOL ;o) Seriously I have been blessed this weekend with lots of love and wishes. I am blessed everyday with the friends and family that God has given me. I am looking forward to a smoked pork loin that my hubby is fixing for dinner tonight. yumm Yummm

This is the adventure we had yesterday...

We got to meet Sir Toppham Hat and...

Thomas was there too! :o) We had a blast riding on Thomas the train and seeing all the Thomas stuff. {Whoever thought Thomas up is a bazillionaire now LOL } We had a nice Saturday out.

Well results from last week's goals were somewhat reached. I found a few great deals and got a lot of writing done. I also lost a few ounces. Not the pound I was looking for but a loss none the less. :o)

So this week I will be working on writing more, trying to lose that full pound and getting the house organized. This week's zone for Flylady is the Main Bathroom and Laundry room. I have had to add storage to my laundry room because of building my stockpile. We will see how this goes.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a great week ahead. Be Blessed and count your blessings! :o)


  1. Well Happy #something Birthday! Hope you had a wonderful day. Isn't that meet and ride Thomas a grand adventure! My son just went nuts when we went a few years ago. We stayed for hours while he played with all the train tables set up. Just the best idea for little boys ever!

  2. I know! :) LOL He loves Thomas and I see there are a few new movies out. Wonder what our birthday party will be this year? LOL


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