Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Science Experiment

We did our first science experiment this week. Here's how it went:

Putting the Vinegar on the Egg

Day 2

Day 3 Wolverine had to check out what had happened to the egg too.

We had a blast playing with the egg. It was squishy and it was neat to watch the egg yolk float around in the membrane. Can't wait to do more experiments! Stop by 5 Minutes for Mom to see more great Wordless Wednesday Posts. :o) Have a Great Day!!

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  1. cool! My boys love doing experiments. They will "experiment" on just about anything. lol

  2. That looks so fun! Where'd you find that experiment? Would love to do it one day, although my son's a BIT too young to do it now. :)


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