Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tuesdays Journey

21. Sitting at Starbuck's listening to my iPod worship music

22. Making mud pies and splashing in water puddles not worrying about being dirty

23. Finding a frog in our bucket and hearing my son tell me we had to let it go it was part of nature. ;)

24. God's Grace - No matter how I fail He never does

25. My son's first week of VBS - He was finally old enough to go and see all the fun that I remember as a kid. However his VBS is a much larger scale than my small country church experiences. :)

26. Sitting at the coffee shop with my friends just chatting about nothing.

27. Watching my son play with his best friends

28. Hearing my son sing songs. Especially when he is singing songs about God and how much he loves Him.

29. Singing with my mother - My grandparents and her sang all their lives and she and I sang together. Now my grandparents are singing in Heaven and my mom and I don't get to sing together near as often as we would like to.

30. My relationship with my dad - It was rocky ground when I was growing up because I knew everything and he didn't LOL (or so I thought) But I am so thankful that I have the relationship with him now that I do. Through many ups, downs and rocky roads we have come to be very close. Love you Dad!

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  1. What a wonderful list!! Just wanted to let you know that I have finally posted my blog award thank you!! Thanks again and sorry it has taken me so long. Have a great Thursday!


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