Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tuesday's Journey

51. Listening to worship music...

52. A good book

53.Meeting new friends

54. running through the sprinklers on a hot day

55.Sitting in my swing my hubby built me and listening to the morning as it starts { waiting for fall so I can REALLY do this }

56. Bubble baths after a long day

57. The cuddles of a puppy

58. The giggles of a baby

59. Laughing until I cry

60. Fuzzy kittens

61. Writing...

62. Movies that make me cry

63. Watching a sunset

64. Chicken salad with friends

65. My coffee creamer - I have to have my flavored coffee creamer. LOL

66. Finding new ideas to try such as a new craft to do with my son

67. Christmas shopping

68. Christmas Decorating

69. Anything to do with Christmas LOL

70. Watching my son watch Shamu at Sea World.

71. Visiting the Arctic display at Sea World when it is 100 degrees outside. Not only do we get to watch the Polar bears but we can also cool down.

72. Spending the day swimming with my son.

73. Discovering new places with my family

74. The mountains

75. Chattanooga Tennessee, Maybe one day I will get my wish of living there.

76. Watching Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory

77. Steele Magnolias - I can quote the movie but I absolutely love it!!

78. The Golden Girls. ;o)

79. The new series on SyFy - Haven

80. Milk and warm chocolate cake....

Join me on my journey each week to 1000 gifts. What are your gifts? Have you though about them and been grateful today? Take some time to think about all God has given you and take a minute to say thank you.


  1. I can never get enough of Steel Magnolia's. No matter how many times it is on TV - I have to watch!

  2. New Follower from the weekend blog hop! I also LOVE Steel Magnolia's and can quote the movie as well! "Pink is my signature color"! Haha.




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