Friday, September 30, 2011

MHJ #8

The Homeschool Mother's Journal
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In my life this week... I have been richly blessed. We are blessed everyday but this week has been wonderful. I have been blessed to land a new writing job this week that is consistent work and will help out a whole lot. Plus I got extra work I didn't even realize was coming. We met some really nice people and we joined a homeschooling group around here. One very sad thing is my son and my BFF's are moving 1000's of miles away! :( I am excited for them but not for us. We will miss them severely.

In our homeschool this week...We continued our Space study this week and spent a few minutes when we got home from church star gazing. It was kind of cloudy, which it has been at night lately, so we couldn't really tell if we were finding any planets. This weekend is one of the first Star gazing events at a local park here. The kids can use telescopes and check out the night sky. I am hoping we make it. I also discovered these super cool kits at the library that are set up for elementary science lessons. I think we will try one of those this next week for our science lessons. Unless he still wants to do more planets.... hmmm...

Helpful homeschooling tips or advice...I am getting more helpful tips and advice than I am giving this week. We struggled yesterday and I reached out to our online network and got some great tips. I am learning that having fun right now is what it is about. For example, we played catch with a huge ball in the house yesterday afternoon and I started quizzing him on things we discussed this week. I also asked him some math questions and he was doing them in his head! I was so proud of him.

Places we're going and people we're seeing... We had our normal weekly class this week and should be going to a family reunion tomorrow. I hope anyway... It is at the beach ;) Boo Bear woke up this morning with his allergies kicking in big time so hopefully that is all it is and it will clear up in a little while.

My favorite thing this week was... Star gazing. That was really fun! Can't wait to do the telescopes where he can see it up close!

What's Working/Not Working for us... Having fun is working for us. What's not working is trying to do things he is not interested in... such as the boring facts about states. He loves going and finding out things about them but not all the details I was thinking we should discuss.. Sooo... We will keep doing that but tweaking it.

I'm cooking...Chocolate chip cookies, my sausage casserole and I need to come up with something for the picnic tomorrow.. hmmm...Any suggestions?

A photo, video, link, or quote to share... Making the cookies.


  1. It is never fun for our little ones to lose their BFF. We grown ups know how to deal with life's little ups and downs, but they sure have a lot to learn. We love local honey, I try to get it within 30 miles of our house, for seasonal/pollen allergies. It is a long term benefit but it sure has helped us.

  2. Having fun is sooooooooooo important! Not sure if you are who I mentioned this to already, but I used a book called The United Tweets of America a few years ago when studying the states and it's hilarious. Definitely scored lots of points with my kiddo. Oh, and since you're studying space this might interest you ... I see you're in FL. If you are in Brevard Co., Kennedy Space Center is having their annual free days the end of the month (28th-30th). If you're not a resident of Brevard (don't even know if you're near there), but know someone who is, you can go as their guest for free. Friday is the day all the homeschoolers go. It's usually not crowded at all that day. And check out Astronomy Picture of the Day (and look through the archives) if you haven't already - Love that site!

  3. That should say the end of October for KSC. Oops!

  4. I am a new visitor. I looked at your recipes and copied your grandmother's goulash recipe. That looks so yummy and simple. I would just substitute ground chicken or turkey for the beef. I'm going back to see if your sausage recipe is there.


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