Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday

Well since we have not been at home I haven't tried a new recipe to share this week. So I thought I would share more of what we have done this week in our adventures. On Tuesday we went to a place called Janney's Furnace while visiting. It is a memorial site from the Civil War and also where they made the iron for the cannons for the war. It was very interesting and nice to visit. It is funny how you can live in a place so much of your life and never know that those type of gems are hidden there. Here are a few photos from our visit. :-) 
This is the furnace where they smelted the iron.

This wall behind Boo Bear shows the names of the Confederate Soldiers from Alabama who were in the war. According to the site it is the largest Granite memorial in the world.
We had a blast visiting the museum there that had artifacts from both Native Americans and the Civil War times. Of course Boo Bear takes after his daddy and he was most interested in the weapons from the war era. ;-) We had a great time and best of all it was a free field trip! LOL Hope you have had a great week!

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