Friday, October 21, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up With MHJ

This week.... We have had a fun week. We are visiting with Mimi and Papa who just arrived yesterday. We got to play with our friends this week at the park and learn some fun things. It has been kind of a busy/off week for us but it has been a blast.

In our homeschool... We are in the process of making crafts today. We are going to make some monsters and some ghost footprints. I have seen the ghosty craft all over and we just have to do it. :) We have studied pizza this week and learned alot about Italy and this yummy food. Tonight we will go to a wonderful pizza place here in town to celebrate what we have learned. Can't wait!!

What's working for us... Taking it slowly and improvising. I make plans for the week and if we get to it all great. If not it is no big deal. I am learning more and more myself on how to teach and how he learns. It is truly a learning phase for both of us.

My Favorite thing this week.... My parents are here! :) We always love to visit and this time they brought a science box for Boo Bear! That thing is getting some good use already. LOL He is having a blast. My parents were science teachers so they have lots of fun stuff. I soak it up and so does he. :) We also got to play with our friends this week. It was a blast. We are going to miss our friends when they move....

I am cooking.... Not sure yet. LOL I want to do some fall creations this weekend so hopefully we can find something fun to make.

What I am reading.... Still working on The Soul Reader. Also got a few books I am working on for a review and a giveaway so keep watch out for those!

A picture of our week... BFF's :)

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