Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday Moments: My Red and Black Period...

This weekend I was a jewelry making maniac. ;-) Well almost... My FIL came over and helped my hubby build a shed in our backyard so the boys were busy all weekend. I mostly got it to myself... Wasn't sure what to do with myself but I found some things to keep me busy. All in all we had a nice weekend and looking forward to another busy week ahead. So here are a few things I did this weekend... I call it my "red and black" period because I was trying to make jewelry to wear to my little brothers wedding. I got a teeny bit carried away...Tell me what you think.

This week is full of valentines, park days, school work and a fun trip with our basset hound on Saturday.
What do you have coming this week? Talk with you soon and have a Blessed Monday!!

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