Friday, February 10, 2012

Weekly Wrapup: Praise the Lord

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In my life this week... I am trying to recover and recoup from being gone for a little over week. We visited my parents and had a great time. My mother and I threw a shower for my little brother and his fiance and it was a lot of fun. Boo Bear and I have been actually quite busy although that was not the intended plan for the week. Today will be spent trying to tackle the house and the disaster area that is my office/schoolroom. Daddy is working on some storage units for us and has everything out in the office room itself. SOO Mommy is about to purge and organize ;-)

In our homeschool this week... Boo Bear did excellent on all his activities. I am very proud of him and all the progress he is showing. I have found that the reading problem is his interest level I believe. When he is doing things such as the reading test for the program Reading Eggs he did fabulous. When I ask him to read something he wants to argue or get restless. LOL I think it is just going to take time and I am scouring the library for books that catch his interest for HIM to read. There are lots he wants me to read. :) I have started doing things like letting him read one paragraph of the Magic Treehouse books he so loves. I tell him he reads one and then mommy reads some. That seems to help. We have also discovered a couple other series he likes so maybe that will help as well.

Questions/ Thoughts I have... I am looking into curriculum for next year. I have mentioned that this year we just did a mix up of all different things. Next year I think we need more structure( or at least mommy does). I have seen some great programs floating around and wonder what you chose for 1st grade? Have you tried the Life of Fred Math program? Are there any that you would stay away from for a learner who loves bright colors and the computer?

What I am grateful for... I am praising the Lord this morning!! I took Boo Bear back to the eye doctor yesterday and we are making great progress. He has Duane Syndrome which basically means his right eye does not turn to the right. If you were not on that side when he looked that way you could never tell anything was different. We have recently, for the past year, been having to patch his left eye two hours a day everyday so that the right eye can strengthen. It was basically trying to give up on him. Well praise God that the eye doctor says it's time to start weaning him off of that and hopefully when we go back in May we can stop completely!! We are ALL so excited!

A (couple) of photos to share...

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  1. Stopping by from the Homeschool Mother's Journal...sounds like a great week!!

    I love purging and organizing. I didn't start homeschooling until my girls were in 3rd & 5th grades, but I have heard GREAT things about Life of Fred!


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