Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday Moments: What to do?

This is my happy little Boo Bear at his grandparents house this week! He is staying up there for his summer visit and Mommy has a list a mile long! ;-) {hence the title what to do...} I will be working on lots of things around the house this week. It just seems easier when there aren't little hands here to find things that I wanted to get rid of.. LOL

So I have already knocked some off the list because I have the grocery shopping done and I ordered Boo Bear's math and science for our 1st grade! I am so excited. Once those two items get here we will be ready to go! I am doing Singapore math this year so I only ordered the first half of it. I want to make sure it works with all of us before ordering all the parts to it. I am excited to try this and also nervous! One thing I'll be working on this week is getting the homeschool room organized and ready to start 1st grade. He has Superhero camp next week after returning from the grandparents house so we will be starting up after that. I have loved our summer break we have had but I miss our routine and structure. I think he does too. He keeps reminding me we haven't done school in a while. ;-) I think he likes it.

I am super excited this year for several different reasons. We have our first year behind us. WAHOO! We made it!! Also I have tons of ideas for this year and because he is a little older the world of extracurrriculars has opened wide for us. We also can do classes at the aquarium and different places now because of his age. Science museum classes have opened for us to and you don't know how much that thrills me!! I am also excited because this year Mommy will have more structure and guidance on planning for the year. I have curriculum for every subject and then some so we can put what we want and it helps me guide him through the tough spots. Last year, while it was fun, was a bit hectic and I felt a little lost. Yes he made progress and I am so thankful for that. As for my part of it... I was a lot  little frazzled. I am putting a plan in place and keeping the freedom to change it as it goes along. I feel better about it this year too because I have one year behind us.

I will be participating in the upcoming ihomeschool networks "Not Back To School" Blog hop they are hosting. This is exciting and I can't wait to see all the wonderful things going on in other homeschoolers classrooms. I hope you have a wonderful Monday and week ahead! Don't forget to stop by my guest post this week on the blog. There are some great tips for teaching history to younger kiddos by a seasoned homeschool mom. Have a blessed week!!!

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