Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday Moments: Meet Our New Family Member

So... we have been tossing around the idea of having a new dog to love. We have a great Basset Hound but let's face it... A six year old boy wants a dog to play fetch and run and chase. One that likes to play... Not necessarily one that likes to sleep on the couch... 23 hours of the day LOL Oscar, our Basset Hound, is a sweet dog that is almost 8 and loves to cuddle and relax. So we have been tossing this idea around about getting a lab for Boo Bear to play with. Not sure what we were going to do, we decided to go to the library to pick out a book. That's where our journey begins...

We had checked on a few dogs at the shelters but just hadn't run into "our dog". You know the one that reaches out and grabs you and adopts YOU instead of YOU adopting THEM? Well we just hadn't. So I told Boo Bear we could go by the library so we could get a book and he could learn about the breed of Labradors and we could see what they were like. (homeschool unit study anyone?;)) So we decided at 4:30 on Friday afternoon we would run to the library really quick and grab a book. Little did we know that we would be coming home with more than a book.

First, my hubby, my son and I LOVE dogs. Just love them. So when we meet one my son always wants to talk to them. We walked in the library and a lady was in there with her Golden Retriever that is a service dog. So Boo Bear and I waited until she told the dog she could play and then the little one was on us. ;) Long story we got to chatting and she brought Charlie up to meet us. He is a chocolate Lab that is five years old that needed a home. He's incredibly smart and sweet and we came home with him that night. :)

Here's Charlie:

The pic on the right is both pups after their morning walk ;). We have had a great weekend and look forward to many more days with these two pups. I am glad we went to the library that day. ;) I hope you have a wonderful week ahead and stay safe. We are gearing up for Hurricane Issac here and are already seeing bands coming through. Have a wonderful day!

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