Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sort of Wordless Wednesday

Whew! This has been a busy past few weeks. Things are sort of starting to get to normal here but we are about to add more crazy to it! We are signing up for martial arts this week and soccer. Soccer doesn't start till the end of September really but gotta sign up now. :) I am excited that we are trying new things for Boo Bear. He is excited too. I am soooo glad we found the martial arts class. The owner homeschooled his children and that's how they got into this. :) It was a totally different experience than the last karate class we tried. I was so glad to see Boo Bear come out with smiles all over.

Last week we went and spent sometime with my parents on their farm. We got to be goat farmers for the week and it was a blast. Definitely natural comedians... We also got to see our BFF's that moved away 10 months ago. It was all in all a wonderful little vacation for the kiddo and I. We didn't do much school while we were gone so that is in the works next week to start back full scale and get ready to go!

Here's the shot from last week I wanted to share.

Link up your shots too!

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