Thursday, March 14, 2013

Homeschooling Through The Tough Times

Homeschooling is an adventure. You might have a picture of what your homeschooling adventure will/does look like, or at least what you hope. What happens when tough times come your way? This could be in the form of a move, surgery, death of a loved one, sickness. The list goes on and on. This year I am definitely learning about those hard times and how we can homeschool through them.

This year has been a wild and rambunctious one. My son has gone through pain and ended with surgery in the first few months of this year. We have dealt with sleepless nights and tears for more days than I want to count. We have had doctor's appointments, sickness... all mixed in with trying to continue on with our first grade year.

Guess who has learned from this experience? Mommy has! I have learned how to roll with the ups and downs. I have learned that homeschooling isn't just about book work and writing assignments. Yes, I knew that before but still we strive to have that "proof" of our work. I have learned that it's okay to let go. We need to relax, rely on the Lord and realize that work will get finished. It might not get finished on our time but it will get done.

So what did we do? We through in a relaxing trip to the Science museum. We read lots of books, watched educational videos, played games. We found ways to learn while dealing with traveling and days that we had too little sleep. We just stuck to the 3 R's when trying to do any actual schoolwork. Mommy learned to relax, let go and just breathe. That's what you have to do sometimes. Things will get finished. You will make it through that last book. Homeschool gives you the freedom to do that on your time. You can get through those times and come back where you left off. It will still be there waiting for you when your crisis is over.

Just remember to breathe, pray and let go. Life teaches you a lot of lessons that a book never will or can. Sometimes we might wonder why/what God has to teach us in a particular lesson but there's always something :) Be encouraged and know that you will make it through! God will get you to the next level and school will be waiting for you there! :-)

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