Friday, March 29, 2013

Wrapping Up The Week

In our life this week.... We have been busy. It's been a great week building up to Easter Sunday. Last night we went to church for the presentation of the Last Supper.  My kiddo was super excited last night because he got to shake "Jesus" hand. You know it reminded me of so many bible stories. This child wanted to chase after Jesus to find him. That's who he was after. It made me think.. How hard am I chasing after Jesus?

In our homeschool this week... We are finishing up the first half of our first grade math. With all the events that has gone on this year we have not gotten to where I wanted to be at this point. But that's the beauty of homeschool right? :) We are working steadily on regular curriculum while working on some fabulous reviews we will be bringing to you :). Super excited!!!

Thing's I'm cooking... I made a grain free bread this week that was awesome! I finally got one that my family will eat too ;) LOL. Today I'm making a cake for our Easter get together and I'm making me some cupcakes that are Paleo friendly. I'll let you know how they turn out. Oh and I made a pizza crust this week that turned out great. My hubby said fantastic!!! It was made out of ingredients you never would imagine. You can find that recipe by clicking here.

Places we're going ... We are headed to a cub scout field trip to the local newspaper today. We are also heading to Great Grandma's tomorrow for a fun Easter get together.

My favorite thing of the week... Had to be my kiddo's prayer last night. Sweet and from the heart straight to our Lord's ears.

A photo of the week... 
We made slime!!!

 Oh and this is one happy "Easter bunny"...

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  1. We had a live Last Supper on Easter Sunday morning. It was very powerful. Thanks for sharing your week. Blessings!!


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