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Simplified Pantry Review

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I received for my review the Simplified Pantry books called Simplified Dinners, Simplified Dinners Gluten Free/Dairy Free, and Paperless Home Organization. This one was just for me so it was exciting!! I received something just for Mama! I had fun taking a look at this and being reminded I'm not the only one in the world that has trouble answering the question, What's for dinner?

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These are wonderful additions to have in your home management systems. The Paperless Home Organization is a PDF or Kindle download that is $3.99. The two cookbooks both are Ebook format and run $12.99. These cookbooks tell you how to simplify your dinner plans whether you are eating with allergy restrictions or just want to have good quick family meals. The Simplified Dinner Cookbooks are full of tips on how you can do just that... Simplify your dinner plans.

Let's face it. We are all super busy with life. Sometimes that means that dinner comes from a drive thru or a box. None of us really like doing that. We want simple, fast, easy and healthy dinners on the table for our families.  That is where Simplified Dinners come in. Mystie Winckler wanted that too. That's why she created these great cook books and gives us all we need to have simple, fast and delicious meals on the table, without too much brain work ;). I love the fact that this master grocery list and the easy recipes help me to have just that in our home everyday.

The gluten free edition was also one I was super excited to look at. Our family, or rather me, went mostly gluten free because of the benefits I have seen. I will be honest. My family isn't too big on the gluten free goodies I have made so finding this simple, dinner recipe plan was a blessing. There are wonderful ideas and tips on making sure you keep gluten out and the taste in.

Mystie sits down and gives you a wide variety of ideas for the same basic meal. You can change it up and enjoy something different each night. You do not have to cook the same thing over and over AND you can get what's on sale! That's a big plus to me. I enjoy being able to frugally shop and know my family will eat healthy.

The Paperless Organization was another great ebook I was blessed to check out. How many of us have paper organizers, numbers and information here and there? I know I do! Honestly I love the actual planners you can get that are so cute and the neat little pens. That's not always with me though. Mystie breaks down how you can get your life organized all on your computer or mobile devices. These step by step processes go through calendars she recommends, programs for remembering grocery lists and a way to keep it all together. I have put in her email recommendations of getting all my emails in one simple Gmail account. This has helped me tremendously. I also put in her calendar method of Google Calendars since I'm on the computer anyway. This is great because it is tied with my phone as well and reminds me of upcoming events. I try keeping up with it all, but honestly, I can't. I have been so thankful to grab these tips from her on how to tie it altogether and keep from feeling like it's falling apart. ;-)

On my calendar I have it color coded for blog plans, activities out of the house, doctors appointments and my meal planning. The color codes let me know what's going on when. I love this new way of organizing and am so glad that Mystie shared this!

Guess what!!! Mystie has so kindly shared a discount code for my readers to get her ebooks for 30% off!!! Isn't that amazing! All you have to do is enter the code TOS2013 at the checkout through June 3rd. I highly recommend you take advantage of that code and start simplifying your life. These books have truly helped me get things a little more organized. :)

Be sure to check out other reviews and what others had to say about these great books.

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