Friday, August 23, 2013

Friendly Friday Week 3! With a lunch roundup :)

So we made it through our first week of school and I made it through making lunches for a week . :) It might not seem like a big deal to some but for me it is not my normal routine. Lunch is usually fly the seat of our pants, sometimes at home, sometimes out with friends... You never know. So actually having to plan his lunch before lunch has been an adventure. :) I think we did pretty good this week though. I have learned some things to help me get it planned out and hopefully it will soon become old habit.

First, you know me. Organization is key to me. It is key to a lot of people but I am borderline OCD with it. ;-) ( just ask my parents or my kiddo ) Planning is a must! So thanks to a wonderful idea I found on Pinterest, I created our lunch time drawer...

This has everything I need tool wise to make his lunch. There are cookie cutters, baggies, plastic silverware, napkins, sandwich cutter and other little items. This has been a tremendous help and I don't have to run looking for things or forget to put something in there.

Here's an example of one of our lunches this week :

We also had a "momable" two days a week :) That is where I sent crackers, ham and cheese together. Forgot to take pictures of those but you get the gist. It is much cheaper than buying a popular name brand lunch item I won't mention ;-)

So what did your kiddos have this week?

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