Thursday, December 12, 2013

Thankful Thursday

It's that time of the week :) My favorite post! It's thankful Thursday time! This week I have several things to be thankful for. I do every week but this week my kiddo has been sick. I don't like for him to be sick ever but especially when there's so many fun and exciting, once a year things coming up. Thankfully we have a great medical office full of people who can help him out quickly. ;-)

So this week my thankful list is:

- I'm glad that the medicines kicked in and my kiddo is feeling so much better.

- I'm thankful that we have friends coming over this weekend.

- I'm thankful and excited about my kiddos school play this weekend. They have worked so very hard and I can't wait!

- I'm thankful for family and friends that care and pray for my son when he is sick.

- I'm thankful for a great Christmas party last weekend with our children's ministry at church.

- I'm thankful for a group called Go Fish. They rock ;).

- I'm thankful for traditions with my family. Although they may be a little different this year, I wouldn't change them for the world.

So take a minute and get some "Joy" with Go Fish and share your blessings!!

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