Friday, February 7, 2014

A New Week For Us...

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 Well, we did it. We went and withdrew Boo Bear from his school and are now happily back to homeschooling again. I have to say I missed it terribly and so did BB. He was excited and ready to get back started on his homeschool adventure. We have had a great week, although messy weather, and are happy to start sharing them again.

So here's our first week back review!!

Curriculum - 
I had started him working on the PACES he already had at his school. His teacher kindly gave me what he was working on and that helped us get him started this week. I already have Math Mammoth math for his 2nd grade so I am going to be testing him next week and see where we need to start with that. I am considering to see how that goes to add in his Language arts, math help and some social studies/science. I plan on getting Apologia Astronomy here in the next week or so to do for our full science curriculum. So for now we are doing PACES, science experiments and reading a lot.

Here is a picture of a science experiment we tried out. Apparently our ground is too soft right now to break an egg. :) We had to go up on his playhouse structure to get either one of them to crack.

Special Trips

I signed him up for the local Science center classes. They do homeschool Thursdays and this was the first time he could do them. It's a robotics class and he absolutely loved it! He had a blast and I got to talk with some long lost homeschool friends. :) We also made new friends and I'm excited to start this routine back. It's great connecting with others who are in the same mind frame you are.

Has anyone used the Time4Learning? Do you like it? Not like it? I would love to hear your thoughts. :)

Happy Goldie
Other than myself and my kiddo, there's someone else that's really happy we are homeschooling again. She has missed her buddy and was standing on guard while he quietly worked on his school.

Highlights of the week...

My new favorite thing is watching/listening to him read. We struggled for so long on this and now it's clicking better than ever. I love hearing him read his stories and that he wants to read. Don't get me wrong. He's still very much a boy and would rather build a LEGO creation sometimes BUT we are getting there.

So what have you been doing this week? I look forward to your adventures.

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  1. So glad your decision was the right one. It's not easy, as parents, huh. Looks like he had a great week (as well as the dog) 8)

    My son has a Science class on Thursdays also. Must be a good Science

    Enjoy the weekend

    1. It must be! Thanks for stopping by Melissa ;)

  2. I am so glad he enjoyed his week and his robotics class yesterday.

  3. I would like to sign my boys up for a science class. I might have to investigate that. I am glad you are back to homeschooling.

    1. It is really a great thing for us. He gets out once a week with a new group and gets to enjoy science together :) It's totally worth it!

  4. We are so glad you are back to homeschooling. We have missed your positive energy!

    1. We have missed you guys too!! Glad to be back ;)

  5. Welcome back to homeschooling! The science that you're doing is wonderful! As for time4learning, well it has it's good points and it's bad points. The good thing is they should still be offering one month free trial. None of my children enjoyed it and we only used it for a few months. The two older ones consistently said that it was repeated itself too much and my older one (then in 5th grade) said that the science and history portion required too much note taking to do with a computer based program and that there was no way to follow their schedule and know it all without using his notes. I tended to agree after reviewing a week's worth of his history lessons myself. My daughter was in second grade when she used it and though it annoyed her sometimes she said it was fun on other points ... specifically the math and science portions of second grade. I think it's going to depend on how your little man learns about if it will be a good fit for y'all. It's also fairly inexpensive so giving it a shot even after the free trial won't set you back in the pocketbook too bad if you haven't made your mind up by then.

  6. We have not done time4learner, so no useful input here ;-) Welcome back to homeschooling :-) Those are hard decisions to make. How funny that you had to go so high to break eggs ;-)


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