Thursday, March 20, 2014

Thankful Thursday

This week has been quite frazzling. Buying a house is not an easy thing to do. Ever... It comes with questions, phone calls, exasperating situations and packing. Oh. the. Packing... :)

So this week's thankful Thursday is perfect timing. I am thankful for a lot this week and hope you can look through your week and find the blessings.

-I''m thankful for my kiddos imagination and creation.

- I'm thankful for my dad. He's the glue that holds me together sometimes. When I'm frazzled he reminds me I'm not in control and I only need to focus on what I can control.

- I'm thankful for a great realtor who is helping us through this up and down craziness.

-I'm thankful that the church we visited last night was a hit with Boo Bear. He has been worried about us leaving our other church and this made it much easier for him. I am excited to see what God has in store for all of us.

- I'm thankful for park days and science class days.

-I'm thankful for progress with the packing.

- I'm thankful for things calming down before the real craziness begins.

- I'm thankful fun and excitement coming in the days ahead.

-I'm thankful that even when I can't control things, I know who has it all under control.

How has your week gone? What are you thankful for? Be blessed and see you soon!


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