Monday, July 28, 2014

Back to Normal...

We had a wonderful visit with my family this past week and are getting back to our normal routine right now. Homeschool starts back up this week, I think. :-) If not this week we will be starting back officially next week. We are trying to get ourselves back into our normal everyday routine and get ready for getting back into school full time.

I wanted to share a few of my favorite pictures of this weekend and the trip. This was a great weekend spending it with Daddy after being gone for a while. We had a great time and some awesome church service experiences.

Here's our Yoga practicing. We were showing Mimi some poses we like to do when we do Yoga. Here's the cheetah:

This is one of my favorite shots of Boo Bear. He was just in deep thought. I would love to know what he was thinking:

My husband built a cross for our church. The message was Remember Me. We nailed our prayers, worries, struggles etc on the cross and left them there. It's a great reminder that we need to lay our burdens down and leave them there. His yoke is easy and His burden is much lighter than ours.

Here's one of my favorite. My husband and my son laying my son's prayers at the cross.

His little heart is so open and compassionate and I love watching him grow in his relationship with Christ.

So how has your week been going? Are you back in school yet or still on break?

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