Friday, July 11, 2014

Weekly Review - Keep on Keeping On

Happy Friday! This week has been a pretty slow one for us. We have had lots of stuff planned and had lots of fun but spent time at home too. We are slowly moving along in our new curriculum and I had more new items added yesterday. (thanks to a wonderful friend who passed stuff down) I am going to be going through to add it in slowly since we have gone from just a few subjects a day to several a day. This makes for a longer school day but I think that works better for us. No time to get bored with what we are doing!!

We have had lots of fun with our new curriculum. Mommy is getting some new ideas too so that helps a lot. Studying our spelling words this week has been more hands on than before. This makes a huge difference in him learning the words and remembering them longer than just for the test. 

I have also learned that he is not a fiction book reader. When I ask him to read something he chooses a science book or something of that nature. When he got books the last time at the bookstore he chose a biography of Neil Armstrong. Now don't get me wrong, he loves to HEAR fictional stories. He just wants to READ non-fiction to himself. So I've learned not to push him into much of fiction reading until he's ready for it. I'm hoping with some of the 3rd grade readers I got yesterday it will help him open up his reading mind. 
If not, then soak up the knowledge baby!

We planted some flowers this week and hope to plant our fall harvest garden in the next few days. We have several things we are going to try and plant and I'm super excited about it. Not only is it a learning experience, for both of us, it's such an amazing feeling when you harvest what you planted. Plus it tastes so much better when you had a hand in it. :)

We also checked out a cool local restaurant this past weekend. There's a seafood restaurant out here that is on the river. Right out the window is an island with monkeys on it. Yes, monkeys. It was really neat watching these spider monkeys play around as we had dinner and watched the boats. 

What have you been up to this week? Check out the other homeschool posts below and link yours up!

Weekly Wrap-Up


  1. Wow, a restaurant with spider monkeys? That sounds like so much fun. Looks like you had a good week. I always like non-fiction best when I was young.

  2. Actually, I have been encouraging my reluctant reader to read non-fiction! LOL He doesn't seem to enjoy fiction either, so. Whatever works, right?


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