Thursday, August 14, 2014

Clever Container Flip Flop Caddy Review

Organization is something I love. I love finding neat ideas to organize our home to make it more accessible and to make it look neat and, well, organized. Step in Clever Container.

I was able to work with Sarah for this review and her site is amazing. There are so many fun and exciting products to choose from, I honestly had a hard time. You can check out her site by clicking here. Some of my favorites I saw helped organize your desk, your car and even your bathroom. There really is something for all areas of your home and life here.

Clever Container offers a variety of solutions to help you keep things where they should be. Organization, to me, is key when you have busy homes with sports, school, work and just life in general.

So after talking with Sarah, we decided on the Flip Flop Caddy for this review. I live in the South and for me, flip flops are just part of my everyday wardrobe. Brown ones, black ones, white ones, pink ones and so on. So this product was something that I was in desperate need of.

This amazing hanging organizer can hold 18 pairs of flip flops at once! This helps keep your most comfy flip flops from being lost under the bed or in the back of your closet. They are easily slid into the large pockets and kept right where you can find them at all times.

Here is the empty caddy before adding in any flip flop awesomeness.

Go on over to WAHM Reviews to see how the review went and find out more about Sarah's awesome products! 

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