Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Majestic By Kim Collingsworth Review and Giveaway

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I love music. It flows through my veins, really. From the time I can remember, I have always been around music. Singing with my family or learning to play the piano. To say that music is a part of my household is almost an understatement.

Recently I got the chance to listen to some beautiful music with the Family Christian review opportunity of Kim Collingsworth's new CD, Majestic.

You might recognize Kim from the regular appearances on the Gaither Homecoming Tour and the Gaither Video Series. Those are some of my favorite series to watch as they sing so many of the older songs I grew up on. 

This CD contains a beautiful collection of instrumental praise songs, love songs and even a few Christmas and Patriotic songs thrown in the mix. This is a live recording and it is exciting and fun to listen to. 

It is refreshing to hear her and her family take notice of what her concert goers have said over the years and she strives to meet all of their suggestions, requests and recommendations in this new album. You can hear songs such as :

  • How Majestic is Thy Name
  • Once Upon a Dream
  • God Bless America
  • Carol of the Bells (one of my all time faves!) 
  • God Bless America 
  • And many more!
She has won many awards for her instrumental music and that includes the Instrumentalist of the Year.

Guest appearances on the album include Stan Whitmire, Tim Parton and her entire family. 

This CD is definitely one that is fun to listen to while you are working, relaxing at home or, if you're like me, you just want music playing in the background. It is fun listening to the stories she shares and how excited the audience is. It almost feels like you're right there in the audience with them. 

I suggest you check this CD out if you love to listen to music and instrumentals are your favorite. 

Family Christian Bookstore  has so graciously given me the opportunity to give a copy of this CD to you! How awesome! So be sure to enter the giveaway below and tell your friends about it too! 

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