Tuesday, December 16, 2014

What's in the Bible ? #13 Review

We love watching DVD's that mean something to the whole family. Don't get me wrong. We love watching silly stuff that just lets your brain unwind a bit too. We have always loved the videos we have found at Family Christian and our newest series we reviewed is no different.

I've seen the What's in the Bible series around but we haven't had an opportunity to watch it, until now. We recently received the What's in the Bible #13 , God's Kingdom Comes!

The same creator that brought you the Veggie Tales, Phil Vischer, brings you another video series that will help your children understand the Bible easier. This particular video covers what it means to be a Christian in Hebrews and James, then take us on to what John saw in Revelation.

Boo Bear and I curled up on the couch and proceeded to see what Buck Denver and his friends had to say. We loved it!!

We were both giggling off and on throughout the video as the characters had some interesting and funny things to say. I loved how it helped my son understand some of the books of the Bible on his terms and level. Even for me, it helps with some of the things that go on in Revelation. The video runs about an hour and is full of fun and exciting facts about the General Epistles and the end of the book. 

Here's a clip from Family Christian on the new video:

There are 13 volumes of this series and it goes over the entire Bible for your children to easily understand. Songs and puppets make things fun and there's always something silly going on.

Just like our love of Veggie Tales, we have fallen in love with Buck Denver and the What's in the Bible series. My kiddo has asked for more of these and it's one purchase I'm happy to make.

Do you watch the series or is it new to you?

The whole series of videos is on sale from now until Christmas Eve. Check out the different videos and start at the beginning of the Bible. There's also a Christmas video and even coloring books to work with the videos themselves.

Family Christian has allowed me to giveaway a $10 Appreciation Certificate. Guess what? This movie is on sale right now for $9.97! (some exclusions may apply. Please see your local store to insure you could use this certificate)

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