Thursday, January 22, 2015

Thankful Thursday

170. Beautiful sunshiny days. In the winter it's a mix of dreary days for a while and then every once in awhile a few beautiful days show up.

171. Fresh farm eggs from friends at church

172. Yummy warm coffee to help me get going

173. The sound of laughter from my kiddo

174. Exciting park days with new friends. Making new friends is always exciting.

175. Seeing old friends at the park too

176. Watching a great movie with my two boys.

177. Reading a fun book with Boo Bear during school. We are reading The Mostly True Adventures of Homer P Figg right now. It's quite fun and he loves it. I am enjoying the fact that while I read it helps him focus a little more on his work.

178. Listening to this take place in our home. I'm so excited for him to learn and he's been after us for a year or more to do it. Molly was quite the attentive listener as well. 

179. Fun review packages arriving all at once. It's exciting to try out these new products and share them with you guys!

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