Friday, February 13, 2015

Week in Review - Crazy Weather!

You ever wish the weather would make up it's mind? Or wonder if it's just having a bad day? :-) Whew! We have been nice and warm and sunny. Then back to cold and windy and even a few days of gray yuckiness.

Today we are supposed to have our Valentines Party with our homeschool group so we will see if anyone shows up. It's supposed to be cooler today but I'm hoping we can get out in the sunshine and play. Even if for a little while?

Our school work was a typical week for us. We are learning how to school more on the road this week. This month I joined the care team at church so Tuesday mornings I'm working there while Boo Bear is tackling school stuff.  Do you ever school on the road? How do you work it out?

We worked on rocks during a Science lesson this week so we pulled out Boo Bear's rock kit he received at Christmas. It was a beautiful day and we spent a lot of time outside.

We walked around the yard and found some interesting tracks outside. Not sure what this belongs to but my husband thinks a big dog... What do you think?

 I have seen huge raccoons, bunnies, possums, coyotes etc out here. Oh and we have George the turtle. :) We named him George and he's awesome.

He hangs out in our yard or we see him walking around the neighborhood.

I treated Boo Bear to his Bookit Reward this week. He is doing so much better in his reading and really working on it. He's found some great books he loves and while I wish there were more words than pictures, (he's reading graphic novels), I'm just ecstatic that he's reading!

I'm working on rebooting my Paleo/Primal lifestyle. Yeah. I know. I reboot a lot :). But I really am trying to get back into the swing of things. Or at least finding the right path for myself. I know I lose weight when I'm on Paleo. I know it is a lot more difficult to do at times but I am working on getting healthier. So I'm looking at several options to find what fits best for me.

Here's a shot of one of our lunches this week.

Our family of bluebirds moved back into the birdhouse this week. It's awesome watching them work to build their nest and the baby bluebirds that come out each year. We loved it last year and have been anxiously awaiting their return. This week they made their comeback and boy was Molly not happy. They kept dive bombing our picture window for some reason. I even shut the blinds in case they were seeing themselves or us. Didn't work. So Molly was an unhappy camper, especially when I made her stop yelling at them.

So in a nutshell we are just keeping on keeping on. How about you guys? Are you having a great week or are other things taking over?

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  1. Hi there! Looks like a fun week. Reading has been such a challenge for me and my boys. My girls are both avid readers like I am. So I find books of interest and read them with my boys. The deal is, they read one page - I read another. My oldest son is 20yrs old and we still do this during car rides then we have book discussions. I'm visiting from Weekly Wrap up :-D

    1. That sounds awesome! Especially that he still does that with you :) Thanks for stopping by!

  2. We studied rocks this year too. Looks like he had fun with it! (I'm just a bit jealous of the sunshine in your pictures... piles of snow here.)

    1. He had a blast! I would love for him to see snow but I definitely don't want to live in it ;) LOL I'm sending sunshine your way!!!

  3. Oh, it looks so warm and sunny there! I'm envious! LOL We haven't hit freezing for a couple of months (or longer?) now...and we've gotten over 4 feet of snow in the last 3 weeks with 2 feet possibly coming Saturday night-Monday. :sigh: I want sun too! LOL Way to go on the reading! I have a son her prefers graphic novels too...What a yummy lunch! And I don't eat Paleo! LOL

    1. I'm sending sunshine your way Jessy!! I would love to let my DS see some snow and play but living in it? I don't think I can handle it! :) Hoping you warm up and thaw out soon!!

  4. Visiting from Weekly Wrap-up. I wish the weather would make up its mind too. It keeps changing from hot to cold and it makes it hard for little ones to pay attention.


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