Thursday, March 12, 2015

Thankful Thursday

211. Beautiful spring days

212. Time at home without going anywhere

213. Making plans for new adventures

214. Finding curriculum my son loves to do and asks to do everyday

215. Laughter with my two boys

216. While it's going way tooo fast, I'm thankful for the growing up I see in my son. I'm thankful he's here to grow up and that we have been tremendously blessed with him.

217. When my son was discussing something on the phone with grandparents the other day, to prove his point he went straight to his bible. That was such a very proud moment. That he went to his bible and he knew exactly where to look. ;)

218. Weekends at home with no running, no rushing and no where to be except church Sunday morning.

219. Grilling out by the firepit on the weekends. It is getting way too warm way too fast to do it but it has been an awesome experience.

220. Upcoming park days with friends we haven't seen in way too long.

221. Flavored coffee

222. Spring days working on my front porch.

223. Thoughts of upcoming beach days when it's warm enough

224. Amazing review products that have fit us so well

225. My job that allows me to work on my front porch, at my parents, in the car, at science class... wherever I might be

226. Peach tea

227. For experiences we have had in the past three years that are coming to an end

228. For new beginnings

229. New connections

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