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Fish Flix : Flight and Metamorphosis DVD Review

Finding quality movies and Christian DVD's just got a little easier. Introduce the company. They offer family friendly Christian movies that are good for the soul and for the family. Recently I got to review two of their videos, Flight and Metamorphosis. Both of these movies are part of the Design of Life series. 

We received two physical DVD's to watch these fascinating stories. Typically you would think kids do not like documentaries. Not my kiddo. It has always fascinated me that he loves watching educational videos. It's not a problem to get him to watch Science videos, documentaries on history etc. These were no exception. He was after them the moment they arrived. 
Flight - This one was my son's favorite. Start following birds from the egg. You're going to experience all different life stages and development of the majestic flying creatures you see everyday. Review

This was filmed over several different locations following these creatures from birth through their development. You will discover inside the egg itself and once it hatches, you'll dive into the different structures of the bird such as how they can fly. 

Birds can do amazing things such as migrate to the same area every year. How do they do that? What instincts do they have that helps them go to the same spot? How do birds fly like the do? What makes them able to soar and swoop? The video will also go over the structure of their wings and how they develop. Do you like Hummingbirds? You're in luck! Get ready to learn about these fascinating creatures and how their metabolism works. 

Follow a flock of birds on their "longest migration on the planet" and see what it takes for them to arrive safely to their destinations. Get ready to take trips around the world and see what these amazing creatures face. 

Migration - The Beauty & Design of Butterflies Review

These creatures have always fascinated me. They are amazing and one of God's beautiful and intricate designs. Through the process of Magnetic Resonance Imaging, we get to follow these amazing creatures from the egg stage, caterpillar and through the chrysalis into the amazing butterfly.

I was fascinated myself by things we learned in this video. The eggs have to be laid on a particular plant or they will not survive. The caterpillar does nothing but eat and molt 4-5 times to prepare for the chrysalis stage. Did you know that the caterpillar is nothing like what the butterfly body will be? It's amazing to watch all these changes and how this amazing creature comes to pass.

We also learned about the Monarch butterfly that migrates South to Mexico every year. They have a magnetic compass of sorts that gets them to the same spot. Sort of like how the birds migrate to the same locations.

What we thought...
We really enjoyed these videos.  The Flight one was my son's favorite as he loves birds of all sorts. The movies are very well done with vibrant shots and quality production. Both of the movies are approximately one hour and five minutes long, give or take. They are probably best for those who are 10 and up. My son is nine and loves these types of movies so they held his attention.

I highly recommend checking out for a variety of Christian DVD's and films for the whole family. Be sure to check out their social media sites below and also see what other crew members were able to view.

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