Thursday, June 11, 2015

Thankful Thursday

360. I'm thankful for my normal routine settling back in. Mostly

361. Library events for the summer. We love all the fun and exciting things that take place at the library over summer vacation.

362. School moving right along.( yes school)

363. Hanging out with friends at the library

364. Having our lesson plans, except for math, planned out until Thanksgiving.

365. Having my kiddo back home!!!

366. A busy week even though we are both worn out

367. Camp coming up

368. Learning about new things and fun online summer camps we are looking forward to!!

369. My job. While there are days I can't stand to look at the computer or type one more word, I am so very thankful that I have a job at home where I can work my work life around family life.

370. Finding pics of Boo Bear from the past... like this one..

And this one... 


371. New reviews that we are working on

372. A great worship team that I'm so blessed to be a part of

373. Seeing God work around us is always an amazing blessing

374. Pizza night every blue moon...

375. Salads when you are recovering from the pizza ;)

376. When your bible study speaks right to you. 

377. Rainy days

378. The sun coming out after the rain

379. The amazing rainbows that still show God's promises today! 

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