Thursday, September 24, 2015

Thankful Thursday...

470. Bacon. I'm thankful for bacon. Yes.I. Am. : )

471. For my hard working hubby.

472. For amazing homeschool friends and group field trips. We got to take one this week where Boo Bear was a Junior Pizza Maker. Awesome visit!

473. For finding a really cool park this week. We aren't too familiar with all the parks in our area since  we moved. This one is awesome and once it cools down I'm sure we'll visit lots!!!

474. For first high school football game experiences. I love our town and our church family. We spent the evening with our Pastor's family and had a blast at Boo Bear's first experience of a high school football game. Can't wait to go more!

475. For weight loss progress. What a feeling when your hubby has to take a double take and wonders how long they've been at work because of how you look. That beats any number on a scale I may or may not see. Having him notice makes it even better!!! :)

476. For amazing blood sugar numbers.

477. For fun activities coming up that we get to do for free to review them! I never thought almost 7 years ago when I started blogging I would get to do all that I do. I'm so thankful for this opportunity God opened up to me!

478. For finding Boo Bear's niche for now. I may have said this recently but I love that he loves what he's doing!

479. For the fall. It means cooler weather, football, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas... Lots of fun!!!

So what are you thankful for this week? Count your blessings and you'll be amazed at how better you feel!!!

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