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YWAM Publishing: Heroes of History - Davy Crockett Review

YWAM Publishing Review
Recently we got the opportunity to review the YWAM Publishing book called Davy Crockett in their Heroes of History series.  We received the physical book and a physical copy of the study guide that goes along with our hero of history. While we received the physical CD for our study guide, there are some that are only available via a download and print option. 
What it is... The Heroes of History series is a book series that goes through the famous game changers of the past. People such as George Washington, Davy Crockett, and Abraham Lincoln are just a few of the books you can purchase. This great series is written from a story point of view so it's easy to read and get into. 
The book itself was nearly 200 pages of fascinating stories of Davy Crockett's adventures. You meet him as a young boy trying to get on a boat in Baltimore. Then you take steps back and meet David's family, see his Westward movements and even meet his wife further on in the book. 
The Unit Study curriculum guide that I received had a wealth of information to go along with the book. The study guide itself came on a disc for me but they are eventually moving to downloadable content. I printed off the pages we would use and they go along with the story offering questions, timelines, pictures and even research ideas for you to truly understand the times in which your hero lived. 
How we used it... We used this as our history reading during the review period. I would read aloud as Boo Bear worked on his worksheets that we printed out. We would spend several minutes a day reading about David and his adventures. I personally didn't know a lot of the things we learned about him through this series. Like did you know that David was a politician? Did you know he was also a scout? I knew he fought at the Alamo but I didn't know he had a wife at the time or that she would eventually gain land in Texas that the whole Crockett family would live on. 
The series is very well written and reads more like a fiction story adventure book than a biography to me. That makes it more fun! The series is rated for ages 10 and up but Boo Bear, who's nine, didn't have problems reading it for the most part. 
YWAM Publishing Review
What we thought... This was a huge hit in our house! Each day that school starts it was what Boo Bear asked to do first. That to me tells me it's a great product for sure. If your child is wanting to do it, it works. I also enjoyed it as I learned so much about this famous frontiersman I never knew. It was exciting to read about how David, as he was known to his family, was an integral part in the movement west and in the battle at the Alamo. The adventures he went on as a child were incredible and I can't imagine doing that myself. 
If you're looking for a fun way to get in history and learn about the heroes that made this nation what it is, check out this YWAM Publishing Heroes of History Series. They are very affordable and can be purchased in the full set or individually. There's also a timeline of when to read the novels that can help you better plan your history adventure. 
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YWAM Publishing Review
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