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Demme Learning's Math-U-See Review

Demme Learning Math U See Review
Recently we received the Demme Learning Gamma Digital Packs for us to review. We have never worked with Demme Learning, or otherwise known as Math-U-See, before so this was an exciting adventure for us. The new digital packs are an online way for you to learn the math skills presented in the Math-U-See format. Instead of having to be tied down to your DVD player, you can take the digital packs with you wherever you go.

After testing Boo Bear to see where we should start, we chose the Gamma section. He has been struggling with remembering the multiplication tables so we both thought a new way to learn them would be good for him. Plus, it adds in the very important and critical element of manipulatives so he was super excited to get the blocks.

What we received:
We received access to the Digital Pack for the Gamma level curriculum, the physical books for the Gamma level and the Math-U-See manipulatives as we've never worked with it before. Here are the blocks:

They are very colorful and each one is different for how many blocks are in the row. This was one of Boo Bear's favorite parts of the curriculum. I also had the physical CD's for the curriculum, a teachers guide and the student workbook.

How it works:
Each day of the new lesson, Boo Bear would sign on the computer and use the video lesson for the day. It teaches the specific lesson they will be working on for a few days. Some lessons may take a couple days, others may take longer. It all depends on how fast your child grasps the subject.

We used the Digital Pack so he would use the lessons and manipulatives on the computer. Then we would work with the student workbook pages to make sure he had the concept down. The material covered is the same on both physical and digital lessons so you can use both together.

The Digital Pack offers downloadable printables and also digital manipulatives to work with. It also provides MP3's that you can use that include skip counting songs, and several other resources to use while you're on the Internet.

The great thing about the digital pack is that you can easily take it with you on the go. Anywhere you have online access, you can work on homeschool math. You can purchase these digital packs in a variety of levels, both in general math and secondary math.

What We Thought:
We really enjoyed the flexibility to use the streaming math instruction as we are always on the go. You have access to your  math program wherever you are. I love that even if we are in the doctor's office, on the go, or waiting for the car's oil to be changed, we can take math with us very easily. (without having to haul heavy books around)

Boo Bear loves working with manipulatives so it was very fun and exciting for him to work with them. He'd even play with them when we weren't working on our homeschool math. I love the way it works on mastery so that your child has mastered a concept before they move on. I think that helps to close gaps and wholes in their learning

If your child has struggled with math before, this may just be the answer to help them conquer those struggles.

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Demme Learning's Math-U-See Review
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