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CTCMath: Homeschool Membership Review

CTCMath Review
Recently we received the opportunity to review the CTCMath product called Homeschool Membership. CTC is an online math curriculum that brings the teacher to your home. This program allows your child to freshen up on lessons they aren't sure about or to learn new math skills altogether. This is a great homeschool math program that you can use in your home along with the other math you work on or as the only curriculum, it's up to you.

What We Received:
We received a one year subscription to their homeschool membership program. This program offers access to every single grade level that CTCMath provides so you can use it no matter what level your child is on. Whether you have a child going into middle school math or you have a highschooler heading to Trigonometry, CTCMath has got you covered.

This online program allows you to set up tasks you want your children to focus on each day, it awards them for the progress they've made and also lets you see how much time they've spent and where they are in the process.

The program brings a math teacher into your home everyday and works with your child on getting the lessons until they understand them. You can pause the tutor sessions, rewind them or simply play it multiple times until your child is confident in the skill. The curriculum videos have a teacher talking while they are working out the problems on the whiteboard for your child to see. This helps your child to listen to the teacher and see it worked out at the same time.

How We Used It:
For us, we worked with the curriculum at the point that Boo Bear was in his other math. So I would set up for him to work on certain lessons each day in his 4th grade math. This was finishing up our 4th grade year so there was only a few topics we focused on. The topics that are included range from all types of math functions that your child will know at the end of the year. This is a years worth of curriculum for you to focus on and you can work on lower math levels if you need to or go higher if your child is ready to.

I set up a lesson plan for Boo Bear to follow each day. As he signed in to his screen, he could choose to work on his lessons, play some of the awesome games to help him remember his times tables, or even work on other parts of his 4th grade level.

This made it easy for me to set him up for the week on math lessons and him to tackle his math on his own pace. Sometimes we worked together and other times he would just go in and work on his lessons for the day. I can log in on my end of the program and see what he completed, how long it took him, and what grade he received for the lessons he completed.

What we thought:
We have worked with this curriculum before and this time was no different, we love it! This helps us to go over lessons maybe we didn't quite completely understand or gives us a new approach to shake things up a bit. (Let's face it... sometimes things need to be shaken up). I like that this program can go anywhere we are and that it doesn't take a bunch of books to go on the road. We can grab our tablet or computer and still accomplish math on the way.

Boo Bear really enjoyed the games that are in the program to help him have fun remembering his times tables.

I also like the fact that the kids can get rewards and ribbons for things they accomplish. Whether it's lessons or a benchmark they hit, these ribbons are always nice to sign in and see!

There are multiple levels you can choose for your homeschool math options. You can choose a membership for one child if you just have one student who would like to work with the program, or you can choose the membership for two or more students. You can have all your children working with this fantastic program that brings the math teacher right into your home.

If you have math struggles you can work with the program as well. Use it to refresh your memory before working on lessons with your children or to tackle new and exciting higher math levels. It is all up to you!!

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CTCMath Review

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