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Conceive Easy Fertility Apps Information

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We’re in the 21st century, and there is pretty much an app for everything. There are apps for weight loss, for organizing, and for predicting lucky numbers on a given day! You name it, there is an app for it, guaranteed. That also means there are even apps for fertility which are helpful when you are trying to conceive!

The use of these apps can help you conceive easier and quicker. Some apps are free and some are not. However, since having a baby will cost you plenty of money, this is the first time you will invest when it comes to your future kids.

Listed below are the names of popular fertility apps that so many users have raved about since they were helpful as they help you answer the question, When do you ovulate?

Fertility Friend

Fertility Friend helps women observe and record fertility signs that are used to predict when ovulation is likely, and when it tells you after the fact when you can take a pregnancy test. Sometimes you don’t have wait to take a test while you are late.

Fertility Friend has been available for over 15 years online, and pioneered the concept of online fertility charting. Many women who have used this app claimed that it did help them with getting their timing right. Now Fertility Friend has gone mobile with an app.

The basic app is free, but the upgraded app is $45 a year, and it gives you premium membership. You have access to features such as an intercourse timing analyzer, as well as detailed analyses of your fertility signs which all point to a potential pregnancy. You also have access to message boards with this app if you invest in the premium part.

The basic app may give you the basics of when to try based on the length of your cycle, however it is worth upgrading to get the full benefits.

Kindara Fertility Tracker

Kindara is a free app that monitors basal body temperature, as well as cervical fluid to learn about hormone levels in your body. Therefore it will indicate the best time to have intercourse to get pregnant.

However, in order to get the full benefit of this app, you have to use a thermometer called Wink, which costs about $129 in conjunction with Kindara. Otherwise, it won’t be too helpful.

Clue TTC

Clue is a free app that works when you input your data into an algorithm that calculates,  and then predicts your own cycle.  In fact Clue promotes itself by stating, "The more you use it, the smarter it gets.” Therefore, it can predict when you ovulate based on your cycles the more you use it.

Clue not only collects a woman’s fertility signs, but collects data on her mood, and is even optimized for Apple Watch if that interests you.

Glow TTC

Glow’s purpose is to  pinpoint a woman's fertility cycle using personalized data in order to help them conceive quicker. 

Glow is actually brought to you by the co-founder of PayPal, Max Levchin. The nice thing about this app is that it engages men to take charge of their fertility. There is also new support just for them. 

What men do is log data about their health into the app. This can actually tell them if there are any issues about their health that can impede their sperm quality and count. Glow also has the ability to link the man’s data to his partner’s to produce a full picture of their fertility as a couple which makes this app unique.

Glow is free to use, however there is an option to donate towards fertility treatments for yourself if you don’t conceive in 10 months through the help of Glow. That makes this app pretty cool.

Period Tracker

Period Tracker removes all of the wondering you may have when to expect your next period, and therefore it makes it easier to figure out when you are most fertile. This app provides you data entry and tracking tools for you to use during your cycle. This app costs $1.99, and you can download it from iTunes.

Period Tracker has a cool feature that can export your period dates and notes that can be emailed to you for your doctor appointments.  All you have to do is hand him or her the information that Period Tracker exported and that will give the doctor all of the information needed.

No more going to the doctor and giving him a blank stare when he asked when your last menstrual period (LMP) was!


Conceivable was created by a fertility expert, and the app’s purpose is to look at any underlying factors that can affect your fertility.

It is expensive, as it costs $199 a month, but you get much more than a fertility tracker. Conceivable can give you 3 herbal remedies each month as they are focused on removing any blockages to your own fertility such as painful periods, weak cycles as well as irregular ovulation.


Ovia incorporates several fertility and health indicators, such as sleeping and eating habits to predict ovulation. It claims it can help users have successful conception 3 times faster. Ovia’s Harvard-educated CEO developed the app's proprietary algorithms that was used to help his wife get pregnant successfully. 

Ovia is free but users can purchase a 99c upgrade that includes personalized data that can be exported to Excel.

Natural Cycles

Natural Cycles has an interesting ability that uses women’s unique temperature readings to determine whether or not she has ovulated, or when she will probably ovulate during her next cycle.

Through a unique algorithm, Natural Cycle has successfully predicted when users have ovulated, and has helped them conceive as a result. This company also indicates the times in your cycle that make her less likely to conceive, which pinpoints the small window of when pregnancy will be unlikely.

Therefore this is the only app that provides the timing when natural birth control is likely to be effective during a cycle. Natural Cycles is free for the first month. However, it is $6.90 per month and you can subscribe to it monthly or yearly.

There are more fertility apps around, however the ones mentioned and described above are the ones that users have raved about since they were helpful to them by helping them pinpoint their fertile times. 

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