Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bitter Sweet Times

Well.... I am going to have a break down mommy moment. We want our children to be older, independent... want little things like being potty trained, talking, walking, things of that nature which really arent little at all... But when they are doing them, doing them alone, we seem to not be needed as much which is very sad. I am so proud of Jackson. He has finally gotten the potty thing down and now doing it by himself and like a "big"boy does none the less... I am so happy and excited for him but also a bit sad. As each new days comes and goes I see him growing and getting more mature and more independent. This is great!!! But it is also not so great as I am not needed in the same capacity. I guess it means we are doing something right when he does succeed like that but it is also sad. I miss the little coos and sighs and cuddles that come with a little baby. I remind myself though... as much as I miss that and think I am not needed I am. You always need your mommy no matter how big you get. Whether to help get ready for that big date or console you when you have that first big fight with your best friend. She is also there when we lose our minds and decide to do things our own way which really isnt the best way at all. Even though they try to tell us otherwise WE know best... :)LOL
Thanks to my mom who put up with me thru all that has gone on in life. As I get older I really do realize how smart both of my parents are... :) And I can truly say my mother is, has and will always be my best friend.

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