Thursday, July 23, 2009

ughh what a day

wow... i am sooo ready for this day to be over with. it has been one crazy emotional zapping day. it was just stinky but it is getting better as we go along. i have figured out something to keep jackson occupied for a little while at least while it is so hot outside. his awesome g parents mimi and papa bought him the thomas the train set for christmas last year. well we put it up and take it down and havent had it up for awhile. well i decided today was the day and we set it up the best way i knew how in the floor in our big open dining area. he is occupied for a while!:) he loves playing with trains!!! maybe one day we can ride on a real train so he can see it up close and personal. other than dealing with business that should never have been had to be dealt with i am having a decent day. i love my little man. he is so compassionate and loving. of course it is trying when he doesnt want to listen to a word i say... ughh but the other times make up for that. :) looking forward to my mommies nite out on tuesday...

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