Friday, July 24, 2009

Great Friday

Well, while little man is napping I will update ya. We had a very nice day today playing with our friends at McDonalds and then going swimming for a little while. I have really enjoyed the gals i have met thru our playdate and thru moving to Florida. I truly have. I know have to find us a church. I feel bad for not getting to church more often than we do. I want Jackson to enjoy going but sometimes he just doesnt want to do childrens church which I know he would have a blast doing. I am not sure why but hopefully too that will change soon. He was telling me the other day about how God helped the Israelites get into the city of Jericho. He has been watching the Veggie Tales Josh and the Big wall. I am so proud of him. Just pray we find somewhere to go that everyone enjoys and can be a little closer to home. I really liked where we were going but we havent been in a while..ughhh...
Mom and dad are moving to Tuscaloosa. I am happy for them. Wish they could be closer but God has them there. Love all them lots!

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