Wednesday, August 12, 2009


ughhhh i havent been sick in I couldn't tell you how long... But right now I am fighting an allergy attack or something. I hate this snotty nose pressure in your head thing but oh well. The work of being a mommy doesnt ever stop. I hope I start feeling better soon because little ones dont understand when mommy doesnt feel good and why they cant do fun things. :) WE are going to Nana's this weekend for a lunch and swimming if the weather permits so he is excited about that. He is such a sweet little guy. I love watching him grow and get bigger and watch his little personality developing. Course his little attitude is developing too which is not so good. :)LOL He is trying and testing me in every way he can think of. But it will get better. Hopefully soon he will learn he cant do that but until then...
I have orientation next week for my job at the mops program. That starts next month. I also went yesterday and paid some fees and got my transcripts turned in at school. Hopefully that will all come thru as well. I have been really down as every job I have applied to comes back sorry we hired someone else. I have really been frustrated with that and wondering what I am doing wrong but then I stop and think... God has a reason for this. I know that if I went back to work full time I would not be going back to school. I know that much. I know that I would probably not finish anything as long as I had a job I was working at. I guess God knows that too. I am looking at it that if I dont get into school then I can go from there. But I am hoping that I havent been foolish in this desire to go finish and get my teaching degree. Jackson wont be small forever and I want to spend all the time with him I can. Teaching will help me to feel like I am bringing something into the house financially but also give me weekends and summers with my family. We will see. Whatever God has in store I know it will be perfect for me even if I dont understand it at the time. Just pray that God has his way with my life and my familys and that I will be able to let Him do what He is trying to do and not take it into my own hands.:)

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