Friday, August 14, 2009


Here it is Friday in Florida!:) LOL THis has been a long week with being sick. And now my hunny seems to have caught it as well. As long as Jackson doesnt catch it we should be okay. Us adults can deal with it ourselves. JAckson did great yesterday at the eye doctor. he was such a big boy! We got a good report and we are good till next year!:)
We have his three year old check up coming in a couple weeks so I am excited to see how he is on the growth charts. Everyone who sees him cant believe he just turned three. He is so smart too. I am soo proud of him. I am looking forward to a family relaxing weekend home. We were going to go to Nanas but since Bob has come down with whatever I have and I am not completely over it we are going to wait till next weekend. Hope all of you have a great weekend yourself and love to all.

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