Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thursday thursday...

So, been a little while since I sat down and updated. WE had an awesome time on Halloween. We had a great party here with all our playgroup and then went trick or treating. I have never gone house to house that I know of.. We always lived out in the boonies where there were no other houses or we went to church carnivals. I hate that halloween has gotten such a bad rap with some people. you know it is all in how you present it and teach your children. There is a balance that has to be had between a holiday and knowing the true meaning.It is our responisbility to teach our children about that. If you dont teach your child about Halloween and that some people have taken it WAYY to far then they wont understand. Take Christmas for example. Some people dont do Christmas trees, or decorate or Santa or any of that. Here is my take on that. I was always taught that as long as I believed in Santa he would come see me. It wasnt about the jolly man coming down the chimey to leave presents under the tree. ( Course we never really had a chimney..LOL). It was about the spirit of Christmas. The real reason for Christmas is to celebrate our Saviours birth. That should be formost in our minds. The spirit of Christmas is one of love, peace, giving. That is what Santa means to me. Sure this world has made it such a commercial event. Got to have the best toys, gifts, and spend the most money. To me , Christmas is a time for family and friends. A Time to remember that God sent His one and only son for us to be able to be with Him. A bridge that without it we would forever be lost.
I hope you are all doing well out there in bloggerworld! We are doing well. We have our Grandmothers birthday party this weekend to attend. That should be fun! Also getting excited. My 6 year anniversary to my wonderfully awesome husband is this month! Been a great six years, and boy have we gone thru a lot! Love to and all and until next time...

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