Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday free for all….

Well, let’s see what has gone on this week…

I had to have blood drawn this week. That was an experience as this was the first time I have had little guy with me. I am trying to prepare him for his shots coming up. Course, I think about it and am more paranoid than he is. I hate it that the shots are so many instead of combining them into one shot and getting it over with. I know he will cry and then be fine but I still hate it. The doc had used that when he was sick last year as a deterrent so he would take his medicine. Now in hindsight, that was a TOTALLY bad idea. UGHH!!! Thinking about finding a new pediatrician anyway. I’m just not entirely pleased with the doc we see but there are some great ones in the practice there. Just not sure which to use.

We took Jackson birthday shopping this week as well. His grandparents had sent a giftcard to Walmart so he could go get what he wanted. Do you have any idea how hard it is for a little guy to pick WHATEVER he wants? That was fun. Bless his heart, he had a hard time picking it out. He finally ended up with a remote control car, a soccer ball and a new movie. Sounds great to me!

I also ended up getting hired on at I am a children’s entertainment writer for the Gainesville area now. I am so excited. I never thought I would end up writing but I really do enjoy it. Who knows, I may end up back at school for journalism. I had complained about not knowing what I wanted to be when I grew up. Maybe I have found my calling. LOL

Pray for me, keep your fingers crossed for me, whichever you happen

to do for tonight. I am doing my first vendor show for my candle company. I am super excited and also super nervous. Hopefully it will go well and this will be the first of many! Thanks to all you guys for your support. You may never know just how much it means to me.

Well, that was us this week. Not too bad! :)LOL Now on to the weekend. Hopefully it will be smooth, relaxing weekend at home with my fams. At least, that is what is planned. Good weekend to you and yours and see you in a few days!

Until next time…

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