Sunday, May 2, 2010

A weed….

Have you ever noticed how pretty some of the nastiest weeds can be? I was riding bikes with Jackson the other day and I saw one of the prettiest purple flowers. It was growing tall and wide. But, the more I looked at it I realized, it was not a flower blooming there on the side of the road. It was actually a weed. A big weed with a hollow inside. I had a dawning in my mind you could say. That weed can e compared to the sin we let in our lives. We are much like the grass growing in our yards. The weeds, the sin, comes in and it looks pretty for a while. We may let the weeds stay a little longer than we should. Before we know it, the weed has started taking over and the grass is dying off. Sin can do just that. We may see something that looks good for awhile and we think it wont hurt us to give it a little try. So we try it. But the more we allow it in our lives, the more it starts to take over and kills the good grass. That is what sin can do. It comes in and starts to kill off the good inside. Don’t be deceived by the pretty flowers. Those weeds are destructive, both in your yard and in your life. Lord, help us to see the weeds and let the Master Gardener weed them out. Thank you Lord for little bits like this when we least expect them.  Orange flowers

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