Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wednesday’s Rant!

Okay first of all, sorry I have been out of pocket. I have been super busy this past week. My son is visiting my parents and I have been working hard while he has been gone.

Normally today would be my recipe day and I will post a recipe later on. But right now something is really bothering me and I want to vent a little. Sorry ahead of time for my amount of frustration! ;)

Okay, so here is this issue. When you are a freelance worker OR employer communication is extremely important. I have known this and thought everyone else did too. If you are a freelance employer and you communicate well then I thank you and I am sure your employees thanks you as well. All I ask of a client I am working for is that they communicate WITH me. Is that too much to ask?

The reason I am ranting is because company B has hired me to do some work. I have worked for over 2 weeks and turned things in before due date. I have YET to be paid and was promised to be paid every 2 weeks. I have turned in invoice and waited and keep getting the date pushed back. I have since decided not to turn work in until I see the money for the past work already done. I just do not understand how this can be OK. If someone hired you to work and you did not get paid, what would you do? This has really put a nasty taste in my mouth for that type of work I was doing.

On the up side, I have been since offered three more jobs that will now take the front seat to my freelance work. These have a proven pay record and do not give me hassles when trying to get my pay. I just wish all people would learn to communicate. Communication is the key between someone understanding your situation and someone becoming fed up with you. If you don’t tell me something is going on how will I know? What is to make me think that you have not decided to “skip town” when it comes to paying me for work done and submitted.

Sorry my ramblings but that is what I do here sometimes. :) LOL

Hope you have all had a GREAT weekend and week with your families. I miss my little guy and hope he is having a blast with the grandparents.

Thanks for stopping by and talk with you soon!

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